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Trending in Support: TrueSight Silk Performer and TM ART, need to re-init Browser-Driven monitors.


I have had a few cases lately involving Web browser-driven (AJAX) monitors. The monitors run fine in Silk Performer but after several runs in TrueSight under a TEAAgent the monitor has problems. There are a few manifestations:


- growing memory usage of the TEAAgent or perfBrowserHost_x86.exe as though there is a memory leak.


- growing thread usage of the TEAAgent or perfBrowserHost_x86.ex as though there is a thread leak.


- growing number of HTTP connections to the web application being monitored.


- the TEAAgent crashes


- the TEAAgent quits responding


- the TEAAgent quits feeding results to TrueSight


- the monitor or the TEAagent reports time outs


- the monitor reports BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found


- the monitor reports other BrowserEngine: 29 errors


The gist of the problem is that the browser doing the monitoring needs to re-initialize in order to free up resources from previous runs.  A resolution is given in this article:


The most common resolution that I have seen is to put a BrowserStop in the script where it will execute right before the monitor ends. Of course, if your script has "if" statements or loops or such it may be difficult to find the best place to put the BrowserStop in order to make sure it executes with every run of the monitor. But I do see a lot of browser-driven monitor scripts that contain no "if" statements or loop and so placing the BrowserStop at the end of the script works fine.


Another option would be to try a different type of monitor.  Silk Performer 15.0 introduced a new type of monitor called Web (Async). 




Since it handles some asynchronous web traffic it may work for some web applications that you thought needed a Web browser-driven (AJAX) monitor. Here is a video introducing this type of monitor:


Since this type of monitor was introduced in Silk Performer 15 it is, of course, not available to TM ART.

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