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Achyut Prakash
I have recorded the script from borland silk performer and uploaded it to TSPS. configured in the TSPS to monitor it through synthetic monitoring but when it appears CRITICAL in the application… (Show more)
Anuparn Padalia
Hi All,   APM (Application Performance Monitoring) for PHP/PYTHON/C++ and MOBILE APPS (iOS and Android) is required as a part of solution.   Many customers are running various applications on these…
Roland Pocek
the infomration available on the portal-console showing the last data sent, the assigned execution plans, ... of the TEA Agents should be visible in TSPS GUI since for troubleshooting and handling…
David Taggart
From my perspective, the TrueLogs that are zipped and encrypted with a password specified in the TEA Agent config doesn't add value to the overall product, and makes diagnosing synthetic transactions…
David Taggart
Is there a way to remotely stop a Process TEA Agent gracefully? I see there is an executable in the root of the TEA Agent folder called SendSignalCtrlC.exe , however this depends on knowing the PID… (Show more)
Roberto Ravo
Hi all,   I'm trying to runa the TEA Agent as process without the cmd console on the screen, so in 'background'. I made it and the normal http script works good, but the transaction that use the… (Show more)
Jan Sierens
Hi,   I try to add adops-agent.jar to the SmatITMyIT service. The agent seems to run, but I get 404 errors when trying to connect to the application.   The catalina.log show the following errors:… (Show more)
Chris Marcotte
The EUEM team announces the 'Connect with EUEM' webinar series to provide Basic and Advanced training including best practices that will enable you to unleash the full power of EUEM.   Each month we…
Diane Porter
The Application Performance Management Team is now offering Basic Navigation Training for Borland Silk Performer for TrueSight Operation Management.   This class will cover Synthetic basic concepts,…
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