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We've heard from our customers the need to consolidate consoles and make our solution easier to use. With this release, we've moved the Central Monitoring Administration (CMA) functionality over into the modern (HTML5) TrueSight Presentation Server user interface.  Now managing policies is much easier and is available from a single management console.


Balancing ease of use while maintaining the existing functionality for current users can sometimes be challenging, so in this release we focused on simplifying the Monitoring Policy workflows and configuration screens while maintaining full backward compatibility with your existing monitoring solutions and policies. If you have custom KMs, they will work in the TrueSight 10.5 release and you can manage them in the new Infrastructure Monitoring Policy (formerly CMA) workspace in TrueSight Presentation Server.  Just make sure your custom KMs conform to the CMA standards and have been imported into the TrueSight Repository.  


With the latest version of our TrueSight PATROL agent you'll now be able to push new KMs and update existing KMs to your agents directly from the TrueSight Console without having to perform separate installations for each host.  You can use your existing Monitoring Policy Selection Criteria or create custom selection filters to select the agents that you want to deploy to.  Now getting the latest Monitoring KMs out to your PATROL agents is as easy as selecting the agents and the deployable packages containing the KMs and then click deploy. That's it, TrueSight will do the rest. 


With these features and more (like pre-defined Agent Installer packages and Monitoring Policies) and other improvements in the Presentation Server console, we think you’ll find this the easiest and most time saving version of TrueSight Operations Management so far.


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