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What Is It?

We want to learn from you about the types of tasks you expect to do with a general purpose digital assistant for usage across BMC products. You can interact with it using textual or voice conversations from your mobile or desktop/laptop computer to access data, to complete subsets of tasks and to setup/run personal work task automations.


The survey shouldn't take longer than 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Please use the link below to take the survey.


When Is It?

This survey will be available from Monday, October 5th until  Friday, November 7th, 2020.


Who Qualifies?
You qualify for this session if any of these descriptions matches your job role:

  • Incident Managers: Support processes to manage the life cycle of incidents. Help to ensure restoration of IT services.
  • Critical/Major Incident Coordinators: Manage major incident process and coordinates team of SMEs. Facilitate quick resolution to restore service and reduce impact.
  • IT Ops Monitoring Managers/Admins: Monitor IT infrastructure performance and troubleshoot for quick resolution to reduce impact. Set monitoring parameters/thresholds, create policies, and support service delivery teams
  • ITOps Operators/SMEs: Monitor alerts and IT infrastructure performance, and troubleshoot to prevent service impact. Verify incidents, alerts responsible teams, ensures standard process, and follows incident to resolution.
  • Control-M - System Admins/Engineers/Analysts: Maintain system performance for reliability and efficiency. Reduce outage incidents, improve service quality, predict problems and conduct impact analysis.
  • Control-M - Schedulers/Operators: Reduce errors and  improve efficiency of file transfers, job synchronization and completion. Identify root cause and resolutions.


Online Survey link: