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Hello TrueSight Operations Mgmt Family,


We are happy to announce a new 'Meet The Champions' blog post series, to spotlight those awesome members who dedicate their time to help other members of our community. You might have seen them replying to your questions (or others'), and sharing wisdom to make this a better place to be. We thank them, and we feel it is time the whole community get to know them better! Spotlighted champions will also be invited to be a part of an exclusive community, where they can interact with other champions on improving the overall BMC Communities experience.


In this edition, Roland Pocek from Austria talks about his experience with BMC Communities, personal life, and more!



Do you remember how you were introduced to BMC Communities? What was your journey like?

I started working as a consultant 14 years ago and by then joined BMC communities



Tell us a bit about your work and goals?

Working as a consultant for BMC products (discovery, patrol, tsom, tsim, appvis, …) for many years now, like to meet customers, learn new things every day, solving problems, …



What draws you to participate in BMC Communities?

Really good place for getting answers you maybe wont ask support, and pretty fun ppl there to share knowledge wtih, meet new ppl doing the same work/have the same problems and are willing to help each other



Did you make any new friends in BMC Communities? Do you have any stories to share?

Actually yes, met Matt Laurenceau (funniest skype talk I had in a long time) and was also able to meet BMC guys like Steve Mundy, John Gallagher, May Bakken and a few more in real life  



How did you end up picking a Sheldon Cooper (from Big Bang Theory) quote as your BMC Communities profile picture?

Really like the BAZINGA 


Do you have any message for the new members of BMC communities?

        Take the time and collaborate



How do you like to spend your spare time?

Playing drums/music and do lots of sports



If you could pick one thing that could be made better in BMC Communities, what would be it?

Get more BMC experts involved in answering questions in some communities and I would like to see more roadmap and upcoming products/features stuff


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Q. What  is your favorite movie(s)?

atm mostly watch tv series like banshee, gotham, santa clarita diet, …


Q. Who is the greatest player in your favorite sport?

Roger Federer


Q. What was the best vacation you have had?

Had the luck to see many different countries and cities, hard to say



Roland with May Bakken


Thank You Roland for all the wonderful work you are doing here!

Community members, please make sure that you visit Roland's profile, and click 'Follow' (in 'inbox' if you wish to be notified on all activities) to be in touch with him, and be updated.  If you have had an interaction with Roland that helped you, feel free to share with us in the comments below!