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BMC TrueSight Operations Management users can now get more out of their network data.  Entuity Network Analytics seamlessly integrates with TrueSight, to provide your IT team with the complete tools they need for success.



Reduce Your Alert Noise:   Let Entuity Network Analytics for TrueSight weed out the non-essential network event alerts that get escalated into TrueSight for more productive management


When it comes to service management, the more details you can see  about the network the better.  However, some of these details are not entirely useful.  While network alerts can act as a flag for when something is wrong, they can also act as a false flag, alerting the professional to an event that is not or will not lead to a major service incident. You and your team probably  get countless alerts throughout the day.  If there is a major incident, these alerts should help prevent or lessen a network outage, not create more work accessing whether they are a critical alerts.  If they are not major alerts, they serve as a noisy distraction from the day to day tasks and projects that you are occupied with.  Often too much  time is spent categorizing these alerts into events.   When too much time is spent on tasks like these insignificant events, other projects do not receive the attention they require. When integrated with TrueSight, Entuity Network Analytics (ENA) eliminates the non-essential network alerts by pre-processing network incidents.  With the non-threatening events weeded out before the IT professional sees them, the overall event information that TrueSight receives is more effective.  This means ENA adds more value to your TrueSight Operations and you can expect that when the network noise is reduced that event alerts being escalated are legitimate alerts. More efficient event processing permits IT staff to tackle more pressing issues rather than wasting time manually validating event alerts.


Network services can be managed individually to ensure performance stability with powerful sets of analytics (order processing, VoIP, E-Commerce, remote branch IT performance)


ENA lets you take your management to the next level with the ability to manage by Network Services. Now IT teams can track particular applications’ traffic patterns out and back to the user and associate all of the devices that are encompassed for an application.  For example, an order processing application can be managed by not only the application with TrueSight but through ENA you can see how the order processing data gets sent back and forth to the user.  Is the performance slow because of the application or is it because of how the data is being transported?  ENA can manage by network service to answer the question how the service is being handled on the network. Coupled with TrueSight, ENA gives you another way to manage your applications for outstanding performance.  Visit for more information.