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As your system grows, you may want to start putting multiple Synthetic TEA agents on a single Windows system.  It is BMC best practice when you do this to only have 1 TEA Agent from a single location on each machine.  For instance, let's say you have 3 locations and 3 TEA Agents assigned to each location:

Blue Location:

Blue Agents.png

Black Location:

Black Agents.png

Green Location:

Green Agents.png


You will then set up 3 Windows systems and install 3 TEA Agents on each system.  Each TEA Agent will point to one of the above locations.  For instance:

Windows Systems.png


If Windows System 3, Blue Location Agent 3 goes down:

Agent Crashes.png


then the system will load balance the Execution Plans from that System and Agent to the other agents on System 1 and System 2,  but there will only a single agent on System 1 and System 2 that will be affected, so it will not have such a large impact on the system resources.


If you have a scenario where your agents are not well balanced, then you may run into a situation where you have too many agents from the same location on the same system.  In this scenario, if one of those agents goes down or if the system goes down, then the system will load balance the Execution Plans to the other available agents.   This may lead to all the Execution Plans going to the same system or becoming "unbalanced" which could overwhelm the resources on that machine and either bring down that agent, or cause that agent to become very slow and take several hours to recover.

Too Many Agents crash.png