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Why should I have minimal access and very few applications running on my system that is hosting a TEA Agent?


Typically, you run a Truesight Synthetic TEA Agent as a process because your script will need access to the desktop or will require special privileges that running the TEA agent as a service will not provide.


It is BMC's recommendation that when you run your TEA Agent as a process, that you do not run any other applications on the system that may interfere with the TEA Agent or your script.  It is also important that you do not allow any users to log into the system.  This is because some scripts must have access to the desktop and mouse in order to work properly.  If a user is logging in and taking control of the mouse, then there is a very significant chance that the scripts will lose the mouse and not be able to click on items when needed thereby causing the scripts to fail and give false alarms.


Also, if there are other processes running on the system that are using resources that are needed by the scripts, then the scripts may start to fail continuously until the TEA Agent can be restarted.  On a production server, this can be very hard to do when you can only restart processes during maintenance windows.