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One of the greatest challenges users face today is defining what is a problem versus what is normal behavior. Synthetic Metric Rules (SMRs) were introduced in TrueSight Synthetic 10.7. They are used to define how synthetic transactions are monitored. This powerful functionality allows users to create rules that are more granular than ever before. SMRs significantly change the user experience and monitoring capability provided with the synthetic monitoring solution.


As you know, Events break down into Rules (defining what is a problem versus normal behavior) and Conditions (what to do when a particular problem is detected). In TrueSight, it is primarily TSIM that handles Conditions (e.g. integration with Remedy to open tickets when a problem is detected). SMRs fall into the first category (event notification when there is a problem). SMRs are all about how granularly the user can define what is a problem versus what is normal behavior. In TrueSight Synthetic 10.5 and earlier, users had to rely on SLA metrics to define Rules. These SLA metrics are only aggregated over a 5-minute interval. The 5-minute interval is extremely limiting. Say, for example, you have a specific URL Checker script that pings a web page once per minute. Let's say there are 5 executions in a 5-minute interval. If those 5 executions take 1.1, 1.2, 1.1, 1.2, and 5 seconds respectively and you set the threshold to 2 seconds and 20%, the SLA would fire if any one transaction takes more than 2 seconds to complete. With SMRs you have very fine-grained control. You can create a rule that says 2 consecutive transactions must be over 2 seconds which provides a more accurate rule and thus fewer false-positive alerts resulting in earlier detection of the problem.


With TS Synthetic 10.7 and 11.0 we provide Synthetic Metric Rules and superior data visualization. This includes metric rules for monitoring of metrics of synthetic executions:


  • Synthetic Metric Rules
  • Synthetic Health view
  • Synthetic Health Analysis view
  • Synthetic metric reports view


Below are some screenshots and hyperlinks to the online documentation to give you a sneak peek and guide you through the world of SMRs:


1) On the Synthetic Metric Rules page you can define and manage these rules and the criteria for generating events and issue notifications.


Managing Synthetic Metric Rules



2) Synthetic Health view


Investigating application issues reported by synthetic health events - BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager 11.0



3) Synthetic Health Analysis view


Analyzing Synthetic Health Details



4) Synthetic Health Reports


Viewing Synthetic Health Reports