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Hello friends of TrueSight!


The time has come again! It’s my favorite time of year. Pumpkin spice lattes are back (ok let’s be real pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is back), Texas is finally not a million degrees, and we are rolling out a major release this week – which as a Solutions Marketing Manager is why I get up every morning. But today is different, because this launch is something special. We are aligning the entire TrueSight portfolio in support of AIOps. Read this blog to learn more about the holistic TrueSight 11 launch.


If you’ve been with BMC Performance and Analytics solutions for any length of time you know there are many ducks to get in a row. But here we are; aligned and focused with a direction and vision that we’re executing on in TrueSight Operations 11. The way we are executing on our innovation priorities in this release fall into three categories:


  1. Experience for the digital enterprise
  2. Multi-cloud cost transparency and performance visibility
  3. Analytics and machine learning built for IT operations


For each of these priorities we’ve delivered new capabilities in TrueSight Operations 11. We’ll go through each of these below – but if you’d rather watch the What’s New in TrueSight Operations video by my partner in crime Sr. Technical Marketing Consultant, Patrick Campbell click here.



Innovation Priority

TrueSight v11

Value Add



Enhanced anomaly view: Provides historical context to outlier and rare anomalies collected by Log Analytics

  • Uncover anomalous behavior faster to speed RCA
  • Understand pattern deviation within log data and change and incident data
  • Baseline historical behavior of log data for context when anomalies arise

Business Agility

Team Productivity


Expanded AWS monitoring: Provides new and improved monitoring of the AWS environment. Newly monitored and updated services include AWS Linux, Amazon S3, AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon IoT, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, Amazon EMR, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon OpsWorks in addition to 11 other services we’ve monitored in earlier releases.

  • CloudWatch Log & Custom Metric monitoring closes any gaps
  • Import custom metrics from CloudWatch as native values
  • Inclusion of AWS IoT and Analytics for monitoring support modern stack deployments

Business Agility

Team Productivity


Dynamic cross launch: Allows IT Operations to cross-launch to other URLs from events using information contained within the event

  • Puts the right resources directly in the event
  • Align to the way business service owner model applications
  • Makes TrueSight smarter – not just a system of record

Team Productivity

Enhanced service view: Allows users to choose the types of CIs that want to visualize in TrueSight instead of only having a view of Business Service CI types

  • Consume and display data with more flexibility
  • Cuts reliance on tribal knowledge
  • Increase the number and type of business service brought into TrueSight

Service Performance

Team Productivity

Detailed event annotation: Attaches additional information collected by TrueSight to events that are generated

  • Rich event details go beyond standard collection
  • Accelerate MTTR with additional context for investigation
  • Enrich Remedy incidents with more complete data

Team Productivity

Detailed text parameters: Exposes non-time-series data that is being collected in the TrueSight Console

  • Bring non-time series data for consideration in RCA
  • Gain additional analytic insight with TrueSight Intelligence integration
  • Enrich Remedy incidents with more complete data

Team Productivity

Secure authentication: Provides additional security with SAML and 2-factor authentication

  • Consistent sign on experience across BMC products
  • More secure single sign with 2FA
  • More user friendly user experience with SAML

Data Security

Confidentiality policies: Provides the ability to “hide” certain details of an application trace that could show confidential information

  • Protect end users' identity
  • Capture more transactions for better visibility into user experience
  • Flexibility to mask just call details – instead of the entire call

Service Performance

Data Security

Secure email to event: Allows events to be generated based on email messages from secure e-mail servers

  • Comply with security policies
  • Manage events generated from third-party tools and other monitoring solutions
  • Maintain and end to end view of your IT environment

Business Agility

Data Security


Other notable improvements in this release are: Filterable Data Ingestion from TrueSight Operations to TrueSight Intelligence, Self-Health Monitoring and Secure Login Controls.


You can see that this release is very heavily weighted in the experience category. We are so lucky to have this interactive customer community. Every item in the experience category came from you. You are an integral part of our product evolution story and we want to say thank you! Keep your ideas for how to make TrueSight better coming.


Engage us here on the Community, call us or email us with any questions you have about this release. And if you are joining us in New York today at the BMC Exchange, I hope to see you here!


Kristin Baskett
Solutions Marketing Manager

TrueSight Operations