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Challenges Faced:

The most common challenges that all DBA's faces in their day-to-day operations include maintaining performance, application tuning, performance diagnostics, change management, continuous monitoring, and troubleshooting.


BMC provides the monitoring solution for Oracle Databases, which gives an enterprise view of database health like availability, tablespace, other key metrics, RAC monitoring, ASM monitoring, and Data guard monitoring which automate performance analysis to quickly identify and fix problem servers and resource areas.

With Oracle KM you can maximize database performance and availability.

BMC introduces a specific course to gain expertise on

  • Oracle KM workflow
  • Prerequisites to configure Oracle KM
  • Debugging Oracle KM log files
  • Troubleshooting failed configurations
  • Monitoring the Oracle database from the TrueSight console.

Applicable Versions:

TrueSight Operation Management 10.x, Oracle Database Monitoring KM 9.7.xx


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TrueSight Operations Management 10.x: Advanced Training for Oracle KM (WBT) - BMC Software