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What is Synthetic Transaction Monitoring and How Does It Benefit ITOps?

Don’t be caught off guard We've all experienced that moment when you send a valuable web link to a colleague, client, or prospect and they respond with “Oh, that link you sent me does not work.” No one likes to be caught off guard. We want to make sure that everything is ready for important circumstances. We hold fire drills to make sure we’re … [Read more...]


Considerations for Monitoring Cloud-Hosted Apps and Infrastructure

Moving infrastructure and apps to the cloud promises agility that better aligns resources to demand. There’s also a promise for cost savings depending on what you’re planning to do. However, if you do not manage the consumption of resources—especially in public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure—you could end up paying a … [Read more...]


IT Infrastructure Capacity: Optimizing for Digital Maturity

Digital transformation has changed how we do almost everything. Our consumer expectations have evolved so that established services like banking now have mobile apps that work in the palm of our hands to win or keep our business. Hailing a ride or purchasing just about anything happens in seconds—the apps must run without a hitch. Optimizing for … [Read more...]


Multi-Cloud Best Practices: How IT Ops Can Champion

Clouds—A playing field for innovation For years, we’ve been innovating with cloud technologies. Within minutes we spin up infrastructure that is publicly accessible to users across the globe for just about any web-based application or service. The promise of agility and lower cost drives many innovators to self-provision cloud resources instead … [Read more...]


Reduce MTTR: Machine Learning to the Rescue

It's not uncommon for performance monitoring strategies to leverage thresholds to alert operators when certain metrics for key performance indicators (KPIs) go outside what is generally considered acceptable for IT apps and services to run smoothly. To better understand this, consider when an app on your computer starts consuming a lot of memory … [Read more...]


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