TrueSight Operations Management enables you to view and manage event notifications from the TrueSight console.

With TrueSight event management, you can modify the column organization and add columns to the table.

See how quickly you can change the columns on the Events tab.

You can access the documentation mentioned in this video at Customizing the events table view.

Note--Event Management in 10.7 includes the following new capabilities:

Personalize views for flexible event management. TrueSight now provides personalized event views. With shortcut icons for everyday actions and dynamic event grouping based on criteria such as location, we put powerful and flexible event management within reach.

To access more videos about how to use TrueSight Operations Management, access the TrueSight Operations Management playlist on YouTube. Many of the videos in the playlist are also accessible in the TrueSight Operations Management documentation.

To see how to locate videos in the TrueSight Operations Management documentation, see Locating TrueSight Operations Management videos.

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