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Managing IT resources is a challenge for every organization wanting to keep pace with the speed of digital business. There's no time to waste in IT operations management particularly for small and medium size enterprises (SMBs). Full stack monitoring and alerting is essential for most large enterprises to remain competitive, while leaner solutions can help SMBs particularly when addressing "event sprawl."


Consider event sprawl as what occurs when a system in place does not address IT issues efficiently and a lot of time is wasted. Alerts from multiple monitoring tools and service desk requests pile up—some are redundant and some of the critical ones get lost in a sea of lower priority issues. Critical application issues occur that don't get addressed efficiently.


Check out this brief summary of what happens for these typical users—Patsy and Jeff—who work for a small enterprise:



Wouldn't it be better to address the issue that Patsy and Jeff had before it went through this typical scenario?


Of course it would. The right-fit for many smaller IT Ops departments can be met with an event management solution and critical application visibility that addresses their needs enough without draining the IT budget.


If this sounds familiar to you, then we can help. Many of our smaller enterprise customers are finding that a BMC view of discovered critical applications with performance monitoring dashboards along with an event management system that can digest event information all in one place helps tremendously. The industry has an affectionate name for the event management part—a MoM or manager of managers.


IT Ops staff are then able to address issues like this before they get escalated and tie up resources for several folks and for several hours. Redundant events are addressed immediately and the email chains subside.


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