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The speed of digital business is upending lots of ways of doing business. In many of our customer calls we're getting the same message—lines of business owners, application owners, and just about any owners of somewhat autonomous functions are taking advantage of self-service IT resources. IT operations staff are spinning their heads trying to keep track of who's doing what and what budgets and resources they are responsible for managing.


Then it happens. The CTO or CFO or someone from the C suite—depending on how large the organization—starts issuing mandates like the following:

  • We need to move 80% of our on premise infrastructure to the cloud by 2018
  • We will no longer pay for ad hoc business expenses for IT resources—everything has to come back to centrally managed by IT operations by end of year
  • We need to make sure that no one function spends more than 10% of what revenue it generates on IT resources


Many of these organizations have been accumulating best practice vendor tools for monitoring, analyzing, and provisioning resources. Sometimes monitoring tools and approaches come with acquisitions. The result is that IT operations staff have to not only inventory the actual production environment of resources but also manage the multiple monitoring pieces that make up their complex IT landscape.


They are looking to consolidate monitoring resources so they have a more efficient platform that can be easily adopted across the organization with shared views that normalize performance metrics and analytics. Essentially they want a more holistic approach so that decisions can be made about improving IT operations initiatives across a wider reach.


BREAKING: AWS goes down for four hours on a routine Tuesday, February 27 2017 and IT goes berserk.


BMC can help. Our converged view of infrastructure and application performance across multi-source cloud environments including AWS and Azure as well as multi-tiered environments with technologies that span mainframes to Docker containers gives the holistic view that many organizations are craving. They would much rather have this than a stock pile of vendor solutions, one for this type of monitoring and another for another type of monitoring.


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