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One of the biggest challenges facing IT is knowing when to "walk" or "run" when an issue occurs. If you run for every single instance that occurs, you're going to get exhausted and run out of steam. If you've hired a team of IT professionals that can always run, chances are you're probably paying too much.


Being able to prioritize when to walk or run can save a lot of resources.


Of course addressing IT issues is not that simple. Getting to the root cause and fixing an issue before your end users are impacted extends beyond knowing when to walk or run.


Let's say you have just received a notification that something in your application delivery infrastructure is in a critical state. You're already working on several other incidents. What do you do?


TrueSight Operations Management helps you address the issue quickly with actionable workflows in the context of any "Event" or issue with your application delivery infrastructure and performance.


For example, you can:

  • Assign, set priority, or take ownership of the Event
  • Launch a remote action like a remediation script
  • Launch a probable cause analysis or do more analysis with IT Data Analytics or Infrastructure Manager


Check out the options here when you address a TrueSight  Operations Management Event


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