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Who wants to sift through tons of notifications, tickets, and events that sprawl all over our IT operations landscape? IT alerts can paralyze us from users, support engineers, SLA threshold violations sent to management systems in multiple departments, or even our own directors or management emailing us with a, "What the heck is going on" message?


No one likes this scenario, but let's face it, this is one of the biggest concerns we get from our enterprise-level customers. They have to manage a huge array of monitoring solutions that span across many tiers of the application delivery chain. It's a real juggling act even for the most seasoned IT professionals.


But how can we address this more efficiently? We need to pick better ways to understand what is going wrong before downstream workflows get tied up in redundant requests that often come in as we're already addressing the issues. In other cases, the event sprawl causes more time and money than the actual incident itself. What if we can catch these issues before they impact users and clog up our ticketing systems or whatever methods we use to get issues addressed?


One of the ways you can mitigate this phenomenon is use the dynamic baseline capability in TrueSight Operations Management. Finding out when a performance metric falls outside what is considered normal by behavioral learning can be a life saver.


Here's a quick example:




See how the measurement dramatically goes outside the gray area, which is what is considered normal for the eight-hour period shown. This type of threshold violation—if notified to the right individualscould be addressed before end users are impacted and the event sprawl begins.


Check out what one of our analysts are saying:


“By bringing performance, availability and analytics together in one well integrated, user-friendly platform, BMC is offering IT customers the ability to better optimize application services for business and end-user value."

— Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates


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