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This past week, I attended Gartner's IT Operations Strategies and Solutions Summitprobably the longest name for any conference I've ever attended. It was great to catch up with some former colleagues at other vendors and engage with BMC customers and my teammates from other business units.


TrueSight is really starting to catch on as a solution that has come back from what was once a bit off course a few years back. In conversation after conversation, with current and prospective customers, we hit all the touch points that modern IT operations need. I used the catch phrase, "Are you keeping up with the speed of digital change in your organization?" just to break the ice and then find out their pain points.


Here they are:


  • We have a bunch of tools and we're not sure where to turn when looking at issues.
  • How can I stop getting a whole lot of emails and notifications for some incident that we're already addressing or has no real impact in my environment?
  • I cannot seem to get a clear view of a set of services or application flows that provides me with the insight I need at the right time.


More vendor specific comments were like this:


We have AppD, DynaTrace, or New Relic and we can't seem to get it running the way we want within our IT Operations suite. We do log analysis with Splunk and that ends up being a separate workflow and it costs a lot of money.


As you might guess, all I had to do was turn to our TrueSight Operations Management Free Trial - BMC experience, and bam, all of these concerns were addressed within minutes.


Everyone that I talked to wanted to be contacted for more information. In fact, one customer who had already ruled us out against the competition decided to rule us back in after this conference.


Log in here if you already have a Trial Experience in progress:


If not, sign up now! TrueSight Operations Management Free Trial - BMC


Here's the starting page with "how-to" videos: [click to enlarge]




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