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These days, who isn’t talking about the big data and the power of analytics?  From the abundant 2016 predictions, to analyst research companies like Gartner, Forrester and EMA, everywhere you look, someone is proclaiming big data and IT operations analytics to be the answer to all that ails us in IT.  And, while I tend to be skeptical, I’m also pretty practical. The truth is that data doesn’t lie.

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So while big data might be the topic du jour these days, I believe it’s the power of IT operations analytics that gives us the key to charting a whole new course for IT operations professionals.


Last year, Gartner published a great piece of research that advanced the idea of two types of IT operations analytics: little IT operations analytics and BIG IT operations analytics. While I’m not a huge fan of little and big, I do like the idea that the techniques in IT operations analytics can be leveraged to achieve different outcomes.  The first, and probably most familiar to most IT operations pros, is the notion of using analytics to help react with more precision and resolve an issue faster.  TrueSight IT Data Analytics, log analytics with super powered event management integration, (maybe you’re already familiar) offers a great solution that helps you get to root case faster and reduce mean time to repair.


The second concept involves the application of IT operations analytics for data exploration to uncover ideas and actions that you didn’t realize were possible. This may seem a little abstract for those of us in IT who have been leveraging data to solve IT problems for years. However, the second application of IT operations analytics is about leveraging a variety of sources of data, most often not found together in nature or in any IT or business intelligence tool. It’s about collecting the right data, contextualizing that data and applying advanced analytics and machine learning techniques (that used to be reserved for the most skilled data scientists on Wall Street) to uncover the next opportunity for IT and the digital business.  And it’s no surprise, at BMC, we are excited to address the predictive and prescriptive needs of modern IT operations professionals with our exciting new cloud-based solution, TrueSight Intelligence.


Whether you’re you need to react with precision and speed, or you have a big project ahead and need to be confident you’re making the right recommendations and choices, this skeptic believes the power of IT operations analytics can get you, and the rest of your IT organization, where you’re going, with confidence.