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Hello to the TrueSight APM Community TMART & AppSight


This is Kristin Baskett, Solutions Marketing Manager for TrueSight Operations Management. We’ve been very busy aligning our APM offerings over the last year to the new TrueSight brand. All of our APM solutions (except for the synthetic offering) are now branded as TrueSight App Visibility Manager. As of last April, APM is now seamlessly integrated into the overall TrueSight Operations Management portfolio. This much anticipated streamlining of APM offerings from a product perspective is driving a need to restructure the taxonomy of our APM communities.


Here are the changes you can expect to see in the coming weeks:


  • We will be retiring the AppSight Community and the TMART community as we are no longer actively selling these products. Don’t worry – these communities will be moved to More Communities. All of the permissions will remain the same. You’ll still be able to search content, post new content and interact with existing resources and all bookmarked topics.
  • We will be combining the App Diagnostics and End User Experience Management communities. This move is reflective of our product-level changes and will encourage more interaction in the community. Additionally, it will allow the BMC champions to better manage all the great Ideas suggested by our users.


This is the first step in a larger initiative to simplify interaction for our TrueSight friends in the BMC Communities. More improvements to the communities are coming soon.


We are looking forward to this journey with you.


Best Regards,


Kristin Baskett