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I am super-excited to let you all know that ITDA version 2.1 is available now.  We have made good on several promises to delivering several exciting new features and capabilities.  Below is a brief highlight of some of the more important or, quite frankly, cool new features:


New Data Pattern Wizard

We have made creating data patterns to ingest new types of data even easier.  For those of you who have struggled with learning or using regular expression syntax to create a data pattern to ingest data, this feature is for you!  Version 2.1 includes a new wizard-style interface for creating new data patterns.  All you need is some sample data and between 1-2 minutes of time.

Check out a quick overview video of the new data pattern wizard.


Tabular View in Search Results

You can now view search results with a bit more structure.  The new Tabular View allows you to see the raw text results in an Excel-like tabular format.  This view is cleaner and easier to process more and more data easily and quickly.  And you can pick which columns you want to show/hide.  Just click on the Tabular View icon to switch to this view.

Here is an example of what the search results looks like using the new Tabular View.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.42.50 PM.png


Multi-condition Notifications

You can now set up multiple criteria for the triggering of a notification.  Each criteria can have a unique threshold applied and you have the choice of AND or OR for each criteria.  This makes your notifications dramatically smarter and can help you refine your notifications to reduce any unnecessary noise.

Here's an example:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.50.40 PM.png

Script Notifications

You can now run a script as an action for a notification.  This means that the sky is the limit for building custom integrations with monitoring, ticketing, or other management solutions.  It also means that you can start to create automated remediation scripts to fix problems as soon as they are detected.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Out of the box, IT Data Analytics now works with Atrium SSO as a single sign-on provider which means that you no longer need to authenticate to ITDA when cross-launching from TrueSight Operations Management.  You can enable SSO during a fresh 2.1 install or you can enable it after installation or upgrade via a simple command-line operation.  See the docs for more info.


Improve Search Result Comparison

You can now compare any two searches over any two timeframes.  This allows you to compare data from known-good systems to suspected troubled systems, all with just a few clicks.


There's much more.  All the nitty-gritty details can be found in the release notes.