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I'm starting a new series called the Power of APM.  On a semi-regular basis I'll share some of the new features and interesting ways to leverage our product to monitor your web application all the way from the end user, through you infrastructure to the web application on your web server (and even the back end).


Today I'm going to share a new virtual system available to EUEM customer called APM Central.


The idea of the APM Central is to combine all the separate components:  Collect, Analyzer, PAE and Console into one VM.  This new VM is meant to simplify localized deployments.  It can also be used in a QA or Dev environment where you do not need multiple collects/analyzers to monitor your data.


In the downloads section of the BMC support site the file you are looking for is called:  (or you can download the iso if you wish to deploy it in Hyper-v)


I've created a short video that describes from beginning to end the deployment of this VM as well as how to setup a separate port group within VMWare in promiscuous mode.