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Have you heard about the latest changes with Synthetic End User Experience Management in 2.6.00 and 2.6.10 Service Pack 1? Here are just a few of the exciting changes in the latest releases. For the full list, take a peek our online documentation:

2.6 - Improvements to Session Overview and integration with BMC Synthetic End User Experience Monitoring plug-in

2.6 - Enhancements to synthetic transaction monitoring

2.6 SP1 - Support for multiple synthetic TEA Agents on the same computer


But here are some of the highlights in the latest releases:


1) Ease of configuration

We removed some of the configuration prerequisites. You no longer need to add the confidentiality rules on the Collector to allow the synthetic post parameters to go through to the Analyzer. This is now taken care of for you. We still recommend using the synthetic configuration pack, but if you prefer to add the configurations manually (rather than using the config pack) there are now fewer steps than before.


In the default synthetic Watchpoints we replaced the Watchpoint called "All synthetic transactions with errors" with "All synthetic transactions excluding timers." When using this Watchpoint with dashlets and reports you don't get the timer impact on the aggregations and the report is more accurate.


2) Ability to drill down into Synthetic Execution Logs from APM Console.
You can request an Execution Log from the APM Console by going to the Application Monitoring tab, select Performance Analysis >>  start analysis >> choose ”object”, mark synthetic & all data >> Request Execution Log File
All the Execution Logs that were previously uploaded to the APM Console are available on the Synthetic tab >> Execution Logs
Execution logs are actually packages containing all the files created during execution of the Execution Plan. This includes the TrueLog and the .wrt file and whatever else is created during the execution of an Execution Plan. This is important for drilling down and analyzing problems.


3) Availability, Accuracy and Execution error messages
With the previous release you could only see the number of Availability errors and number of Accuracy errors to get a general idea of the problem. With the latest release you now see the entire error message as reported during the execution.


4) Support for Silk Test scripts

You can now use Silk Test scripts with Synthetic EUEM. Before using a Silk Test script you need to give it a Silk Performer "wrapper" i.e. export the .stp file from Silk Test; then import into Silk Performer and make just a few customizations. See the section titled "To prepare a Silk Test package for the TEA Agent in our online documentation. For more details regarding configuring the Silk Test project with Silk Performer, see Borland's Silk Performer documentation.


5) TEA Agents can now run as a process

This is important for Silk Test, Citrix, SAP GUI scripts, etc. Previously you could only run TEA Agents as a service.


6) Ability to stop the TEA Agent from the console side, remotely

Previously you had to logon to the agent machine in order to stop the service.


7) Multiple Synthetic TEA Agents on the same computer
With SP1 you can now install more than one BMC Synthetic TEA Agent on the same machine.




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