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APM Console 2.0 now has the ability to verify and install available updates for Collectors, Analyzers and PAE components as well as the ability to update itself.

After logging into the APM Console, navigate to System Deployment and select system update.



On the next screen, you can choose 'check for updates'


After selecting this, the APM Console will check the updates that are available for your components.  The APMConsole must be allowed to connect to the Internet and download the updates to it's own repository.  Unlike system updates in the past, there is nothing downloaded to your desktop.


You can now choose which updates to download to the APM Console.  Make sure you checkmark these downloads and then click on the 'Download' button.



The APM Console is now ready to perform the selected updates. Clicking the Install button will immediately start this process.  You also have the option to select an express installation (red arrow shown above) or a full install (drop down option to select blue arrow show above).

Express install:  migrates summary data (Analyzers only)

Full Install:        migrates summary and session browser data (Analyzers only)


NOTE:  A full install requires more time than an express install.  The amount of time depends on how large the session browser database is.