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I work in Customer Support and am starting to blog on topics that are most valuable to our customers.  I've been getting a lot of quesitons regarding the latest release of PAE "Performance Analytics Engine" and what this new release has to offer.


Version 1.0 of PAE enabled users to quickly perform a deep dive in the pages and objects collected from the Analyzer.  From the results you can choose to restart the quick query using a subset of the data (and then more subsets if you wish).  In version 2.0, there is a new feature that allows you to drill into the sessions:

List of sessions retrieved by a query

pae query.jpg

Format of Query Results

pae sessions.jpg

Clicking the drop box allows for further drill-down or to download the session details (session/pages/objects) in csv format.

Tools for Analyzing a Session

pae pages.jpg

pae object.jpg

Storage:  It is now possible to use datastore the PAE is connected to as a hard drive to store your pages and objects.  Previously an external share was needed (NFS/CIFS).


I'd love to here your thoughts on our new PAE release.  Feel free to add comments beleow!