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EUEM is fully capable of being install on Hyper-V (2008 R2 and 2012 versions) but there is a ctach:


You can install (using the iso downloads of EUEM) the APMC (Application Performance Management Console), PAE (Performance Analytics Engine), Analyzer and Collector but you are limited to what this collector can see due to the fact that currently, Hyper-V does not support promiscuous mode.


There are options however:

1.  If you are using a GRE or ERSPAN tunnel to feed traffic, the EUEM collector still supports this, and these do not require promiscuous mode.  While untested, F5 clonepools should also work due to the fact that it will span data to a specific ip.

2.  You can install the EUEM Cloud Probe as a service on the Windows host.  Once running, it can be configured to send its data to the EUEM Collector running as a VM.

3.  You can contact your sales team to look into acquiring a hardware appliance to run as a collector instead, or run the collector on one of our other supported platforms.


Hyper-V and the Collector workaround due to lack of promiscuous mode:


An EUEM collector installed as a virtual machine on a Hyper-V host is unable to capture traffic on the wire using promiscuous mode even though checks on the host system validate traffic is present.  The reason for this is that Microsoft Hyper-V does not support promiscuous mode yet.

It does support port mirroring.  There are other ways to send traffic to the collector capture port:  If you have a load balancer or network device that can span the traffic you wish to monitor to a destination ip, you can use Hyper-V but you will need to set an ip address on the capture port of the collector.


Instructions on setting an ip on a collector capture port:

1)  SSH into the collector

2)  Use the capturegre command to assign an ip to the capture port.


The syntax you are looking for is:

capturegre -p capture -t gre -a <ipaddress> -m <mask>   (you fill in he ipaddress and mask of the capture port)


Even though we are setting it as a gretunnel - it works the same for the F5 clone pool you are setting up.