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When thinking of monitoring an image that comes to mind is NASA and a moon launch. Dozens of people intensely looking at monitors anxiously looking for irregularities and working closely with each other to identify potential issues that may impact mission success and the safety of the astronauts. Each person may have a different view on the health of the mission but close collaboration between team members ensures an holistic view is understood at all times and as priorities change at various mission stages so does the attention.


The information displayed on each monitor is continually analyzed and correlated with other sources with the objective to seek out potential issues that an individual monitor may not make clear. NASA monitors missions with the assumption something will go wrong which demands an immediate response to remediate the problem and ensure the success of the mission.


So how can IT be more effective?  Please visit a new post by David Williams, VP of Strategy for the Office of the CTO, to learn more "IT monitoring, an old practice still leaving much to learn".



(Image source: Mysteries of the Moon, Automatic Toasters)