Hello Dear Reader,


If you are a database admin and managing either of Oracle, SQL-Server, Sybase, DB2 or Informix, you might want to go through this blog.


Through this blog, you will find many tips and tricks to manage database backups and recoveries through BMC Recovery Manager for Databases (BackTrack).


Sole purpose of putting this blog up is to share some of the tips and tricks, which will help you leverage all that it offers and get rid of those sleepless nights caused due to bad dreams of backup failures and errors in recovery.


Tips in tunning backtrack for better performance in backups, tricks to help maintain multiple policies to keep copies of backups, how to monitor your backup and recoveries by getting notifications on emails and ending up creating Remedy tickets if you would like. I will discuss it all one by one. We can utilize this platform to answer some of your queries as well regarding tips discussed for a week.


If you need any specific tip to be discussed, just reply to blog post and I will consider the request. There will be 1 tip or trick every week. Hence you get lot of time to try it at your environment, test it, ask questions or give suggestions.


Keep yourself tuned in for more...