• BPPM event message enrichment with MRL rule

    Hi everyone,   I am quite new to BPPM 8.1 and I'm having some problems with an MRL rule that should modify the message for some events.   My rule is working fine when the event is opened but it doesn't wor...
    Simius .
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  • How to divide mc_object values and create enrichment policy

    Hi Team,   I want to divide mc_object values based on _(underscore) and get the last value, then i want to create enrichment policy based on that value.   Please let me know how can i get that value and c...
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  • Not Able to Login to RSSO

    Hello Experts,   I have used Remedy_Single_Sign-On_for_TrueSight_Version_11.3.01_Windows and installed it successfully. It was working fine but we found today the vm was shut down and when it got up. We were not...
    Anuj Bathvi
    created by Anuj Bathvi
  • Rule not sending email

    Hello everyone,   I wrote an MRL rule for sending an email when an IBRSD_ERROR events arrives to the TSIM cell but, for some reason, it is failing. I had written a similar rule in the past and it was working fi...
    Alvaro Paronuzzi
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  • Can we integrate BMC Truesight with RemedyForceCMDB

    Team, Can we integrate truesight with remedyforce to publish models data.
    Chaitanya Gokhale
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  • List of BMC Compatibility Products

    Hi,   There's a list of all bmc products compatibility for Third Party Products, operating systems, databases, integrations?   I usually check the documentation by product. But we intent for some our clien...
    Alejandro Cortes
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  • Last day of report every month.

    Hello Experts,   We tried to create report for last day of every month report but there are no predefined conditions in TrueSight smart reporting.   Example:- I want report only 30th April Performance dat...
    Raghava PH
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  • BMC Patrol Logmon 2.7.40 on Solaris 11.4 OS

    Hi   I am running Patrol for Unix & Linux 11.3.02 on Solaris 11.4 OS using Logmon 2.7.40 and EvenManagement 2.9.10   I have found that no matter what I try I cannot get a search value with multiple str...
    Colin Keeley
    created by Colin Keeley
  • TrueSight Application View Search Button ...

    Hi guys,   based on my latest "research" on Angular JS and a request of one of my customers I have created a small patch for TrueSight Presentation Server V11.3.03 that adds a Search Button to the Top Right of ...
    Timo Schmidt
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  • Is there a "msend" binary for Solaris X86 (AMD64)  for use in TrueSight Infrastructure Management?

    Hi.   I'm trying to set up TrueSight on some Solaris X86 (AMD64) systems for a customer and would love to have the binaries "msend" and maybe "mposter" running for this platform, but so far I've only found them ...
  • Sending events from TSIM to SNOW with REST API

    We have a requirement to send critical and major events to SNOW including hostname, message, severity, and priority. We need to configure TSIM to initiate the communication with SNOW and send the event. Once a ticket ...
    Duane Brosky
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  • Can we suppress annotation for a specific monitor in TrueSight?

    Hello Team,   We are facing performance issues with Truesight 11.3 as there are about 141 annotated events coming in from PatrolAgent per min.   We have found out which monitors are top contributors,may i...
    Vandana Ramnani
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  • how to relate a MC_REMOTE_ACTION_RESULT event to another event

    hi guys,   i have a question, i have an event (eg class EVENT or whataever) and i am generating a MC_REMOTE_ACTION_RESULT event, what slots do i need to set on both of the events to relate them and get a remote ...
    Roland Pocek
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  • Error while executing pconfig command

    Hello Team,   I have installed patrol agent in Linux machine and ran root scripts also, but while executing pconfig commands I have came up with below error please help.   [patrol@hostname bin]$ ./pconfig ...
    Vardhana Seetala
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  • Patrol agent installation issue on CentOS 7.7

    Hi,   I have to manually install patrol of unix and linux km version alongwith event management km 2.90.01 on CentOS 7.7 servers with patrol installation utility version 20.02.00 which is compatible wi...
    saksham gupta
    created by saksham gupta
  • TSIM: Change database server to another

    Hi Expert, In our environment, previously we installed the TSIM server version 11.3.02 connected to the Oracle database server A. But now because the database server A is overloaded, so We have to change TSIM to conn...
    Bien Dang
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  • Base64-encoded login for TSWS?

    I've been using the TSWS and BPPMWS APIs and haven't had any luck getting the Base64-encoded auth to work for TSWS, although the identical encoding works for BPPMWS (URL-encoded auth works fine for both). Docs indicat...
    Joshua Raine
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  • Macros in Monitoring Policies

    Hi all,   Are there some kind of macros which can be used in monitoring policies? E.g. the hostname?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Why is the "Associate Monitors" function in TrueSight 10 greyed out?

    Why is the "Associate Monitors" function in TrueSight 10 greyed out?   In BPPM 9.5 and 9.6 I used this function to associate monitors to high level CIs (services, apps, databases) in Service Models published fro...
    Darwin Sumayo
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  • Customize incident fields on SmartIT for incident from TrueSight Infrastructure Management

    Hi Expert, For incident information on Smart IT, can I populated auto fields Description, Operational Category... for incident from TSIM? Thanks
    Bien Dang
    created by Bien Dang