• TSOM to Remedy Integration , Synch Options

    Not Planned
    5 votes
    If a field in Remedy is customizable as to content and mapping , it also must be customizable on TSOM/BPPM side.   In Remedy there exists  the ability to customize field mappings to comply with Customer pro...
    Mr. Hoffman
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  • Timeout Waiting for connection

    Hi,   I ma getting incident error in bmc trueisght timeout waiting for connection seems its related to ibrsd.     Please help.     Thank, Misbah
  • Events Dashboard/Dashlet : Show events more than 2 days

    Below Review Threshold
    7 votes
    Current Scenario : I can display  Events (whether count or actual events ) on Dashboard  if the occurred date is within two days.   Idea is to remove the time restrictions for the events Or increase ...
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  • BMC announces a completely new "PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database KM 1.0

    BMC announces its brand-new version of KM to monitor the Oracle Enterprise Database in most simplified and user-friendly way.   While monitoring your Oracle Databases, are you worried about: providing sys crede...
    Mohit Pandit
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  • Exporting Global and Instance Level Thresholds from TrueSight Infrastructure Managers

    We are looking to be able to report on our set thresholds from TrueSight based upon host and port it to a database for easier reporting.  Has anyone else ever done anything like this?  I've already done this...
    Michael Funke
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  • SMART Reporting 11.3 Compatibility with TSOM

    Hi Guys,     We have TSIM and TSPS version 11.0 patch 3 in the client env. Would it be required to upgrade them both to the 11.3 in order to use SMART Reporting 11.3 Modules? or TSIM 11.0 will work, Since...
    Harish Upadhyay
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  • Can we alert on Number of Hyper-v snapshots older that certain days using  any of the bmc products

    Can we alert on Number of Hyper-v snapshots older that certain days using  any of the bmc products
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  • Number of Attributes TSIM

    Specialists, I would like to know if there is a possibility to check the number of TSIM Atrinutos, via command Line, API, database query or etc. I would like to export this value without using the TrueSIghy frontend....
    Lucas Nascimento
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  • TrueSight - Extract Monitors <> CI association

    Hi there.   For the last 3-4 years, we've been designing our service models using the Admin console.  For this, we've been creating each CI and setting up the relations manually - all is working fine so far...
    Olivier Kovacs
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  • MSEND for Linux 32 Bit

    Hi, Does anybody know where can i find a MSEND binary file for an old Linux that we have in our environment (RHEL 5.5 32 Bit) ? Thanks in advance.
    Bernardo Castro
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  • How to generate Patrol Agent Diagnostics (PDiags)?

    Hello Everyone,   Many at times while working with 'BMC Support' they ask for patrol agent diagnostics aka PDiags. PDiags I would say a powerful tool and provides detailed information about the environment/serv...
    Mohit Pandit
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  • mquery command to know if cell generated events in last 20 min

    Is there any way to know if how many number of events a cell has generated in last 20 min of time using mquery command.
    Bhanuprakash Vattikuti
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  • Rule for delay 10 minutes

    On child cell, I have wrote below rule to delay processes monitoring event.for 10 minutes and successfully compiled.However, it not worked out  .Further,i have copied the same rule on main cell which is integrat...
  • Patrol agent crashed after BPPM server stops

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    Problem: Patrol Agent crashed after the connection with the IS is lost Patrol agent: version: 9.6 and 9.5 BPPM: version 9.6 Enviroment: Linux   Enhancement: It would be simple for the BPPM server to send emai...
    Gerardo Ramirez
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  • Need a way to share dashboards with other users using an email distribution list or email addresses

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    We created some dashboards in EUEM and we would like to share the dashboards based on user groups wise or application group wise with an email DL. But when I click on share it is giving a link to share separately with...
    Diane Porter
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  • Needs to get a report for WebURL availability

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    Needs to get a report for WebURL availability in BPPM 9.6. Patrol Agent on one of ISN server which checks URLs using KM for URL 9.0.30 or sometimes 9.0.20 , should generate report for availability of monitored URL.
    Ashish Naphad
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  • Official support request of Truesight Event adapter on Ubuntu 16.4

    Not Planned
    2 votes
    In the latest Event adapter requirement online doc, below OS platform is supported, but there is no Ubuntu. BMC Event Adapters requirements - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.3 - BMC Documenta...
    Bruce Li
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  • Way to extract threshold reports w.r.t. devices

    Not Planned
    1 vote
    Hi Team,   Request you to provide some way to fetch thresholds report having information about thresholds (Global level, server level, Patrol agent level) applied against devices.   Instance threshold repo...
    Neelam Nilje
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  • Required -Windows Process&#160; - Additional Functionality/Capabilities - TrueSight

    Not Planned
    1 vote
    Hi All,   We We have Critical application comprised of 250 windows 2012 R2 STD VM running on Windows Hypervisor, it uses TCP Port 99xx for communication with DB/Mainframe as back-end and it uses xxxxx.exe runni...
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  • docker km shows up as separate device for each container on TrueSight/ProactiveNet console.

    Not Planned
    1 vote
    Title:Docker km shows up separate device for each container on TrueSight/ProactiveNet console.   Details:With the current product design docker km shows separate device for each container.   Each container...
    Mahendra Pawar Pawar
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