• Events impacting Business Service

    Hello gurus do you know if it is possible to extract from TrueSight Presentation Server a list of events impacting a specific Business Service? Any help or hint is very appreciated.   Maurizio
    Maurizio Bollino
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  • Centralized Dashboards on BMC Truesight 11.x versions

    0 votes
    Hi Team,   We have observed many customers requesting for centralized dashboards from Truesight with wide range of customizations possible on various dashlets. We would like to see Dashboards where the the Entui...
    satweek vangala
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  • There should be an option on the monitors to show the information related to port number

    Below Review Threshold
    11 votes
    Title: There should be an option on the monitors to show the information related to port number to identify which patrol agent instance monitors belongs to the ports accordingly.   Details: If multiple patrol age...
    R  Sathish Raja
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  • Audit changes on Infrastructure policies

    Not Planned
    8 votes
    The product should have a feature to download a audit report of the policy - In detail, The history of the changes happened to each policy during their life due to regular policy management.   What changes ? Who...
    Riddhi Lathigara
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  • Events Dashboard/Dashlet : Show events more than 2 days

    Not Planned
    8 votes
    Current Scenario : I can display  Events (whether count or actual events ) on Dashboard  if the occurred date is within two days.   Idea is to remove the time restrictions for the events Or increase ...
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  • License utilization for different KMs

    Dears,   Please advise how the KM license are calculated?   Is it one license per managed server regardless the number of KMs are applied or per number of KMs applied on the managed server?   Thanks ...
    Ahmed Salman
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  • Metric to show Oracle database version

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    Title: Metric to show Oracle database version   Description:PATROL for Oracle km should have a Metric that should show Oracle database version, databse name name and instance name   LP: PATROL for Oracle -...
    Mahendra Pawar Pawar
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  • Service modeling on Truesight Presentation Server

    Product Team Review
    39 votes
    Requesting a way to modeling services from Presentation Server, like Applications, but with all features of services: impact relationships, CIs (as business service CI) creation...   Now, in not integrated with ...
    Daniel Martin
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  • Dashboards on Truesight Presentation Server: Access Control and Authorization Profiles

    Product Team Review
    52 votes
    Requesting a way to improve the sharing of Dashboards on TS Presentation Server.   Now, there is only two options, create a Dashboard not shared, it will be only visible in My Dashboards by the creator, and crea...
    Daniel Martin
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  • Exporting BPPM/TrueSight events using mquery

    Hi everyone,   is it possible to export in a csv file BPPM/TrueSight events using the mquery command? I know I can export them from the BPPM/TSIM interface but I have to export a huge amount of events so the li...
    Alvaro Paronuzzi
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  • Top 10 Processes Consuming High CPU/Memory on the Threshold breach on a unix/Linux Server

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    10 votes
    Topic : To get the Top 10 Processes Consuming High CPU/Memory on the Threshold breach on a unix/Linux Server as annotation or Event details .   Dear All,   As per my discussion with support on a support c...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • BPPM/TSIM/TSOM needs a policy reporting tool

    On Roadmap
    38 votes
    In a large environment it is probable that many policies will accumulate.   Policies contain references to specific versions of monitoring solutions.   It would be very useful to have a report page in CMA ...
    Hal DeVore
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  • TrueSight Smart Reporting - Enhancement

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    3 votes
    The ability to designate certain data, that does not change often, should be available within TrueSight Smart Reporting not as an additional row of data within the database but as metadata in a separate table.  S...
    Cole Cather
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  • Different user to install Report Engine

    Not Planned
    0 votes
    Hi,   We know that the Report Engine must run as root since it is a BMC requirement: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/tssr113/installing-report-engine-with-oracle-806011781.html When installing it, it creates an enviro...
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  • Is there a "msend" binary for Solaris X86 (AMD64)  for use in TrueSight Infrastructure Management?

    Hi.   I'm trying to set up TrueSight on some Solaris X86 (AMD64) systems for a customer and would love to have the binaries "msend" and maybe "mposter" running for this platform, but so far I've only found them ...
  • Is there any difference Windows cluster and MS SQL Server cluster

    Hi Team,   I want to one clarification about customer question. Customer ask me as below.   "BMC needs to monitor Windows cluster and AlwasyOn configuration of SQL Server"   So Is both are different ...
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  • DISABLE......INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SERVER Data Collection & Consistency Status Problem Report

    HI All,   I have a Data Collection & Consistency Status Problem Report being delivered from my TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers to my email id, which I want to disable forever. From where I ca...
    Achin Kalia
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  • Patrol Agent SQL Query on the TSIM Server

    Hi All   Hope you are keeping well.   We would like to automate the monitoring of the number of devices being published into the TSIM database. This is to ensure that there is not an unexpected flood of un...
    Stuart Reid
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  • Zoom in option available for the graphs generated on TSIM.

    Hi,   Can someone please advise if we can zoom in into a particular hour in a graph for 1 day/ 1 month in TSIM operator console?   Or if we extract a graph of CPU/Memory parameter for a server for duration...
    Janice Joseco
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  • TSIM API Attributes names should be more user-friendly

    Not Planned
    4 votes
    Hi, We are using the performance data extraction from TSIM using the API calls but the API attribute names are not meaningful when the Graph is displayed to the end user. For e.g.  the below Mapping shows the K...
    Rahul Jha
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