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Qualtrics-slider-1-NYC-500x350px-EXCH18KIT-Final.jpgJoin Peter Leav, President & CEO - BMC, as he discusses how to accelerate digital transformation in your organization. You also wouldn't want to miss Bill Berutti, President - Enterprise Solutions at BMC touch on how BMC’s recent portfolio innovations can fast-track high-priority initiatives essential to your digital business.


When - October 12, 2017

Where - The Times Center, 242 West 41st Street, New York


Gain new insights about digital business, get up-to-date information about the latest BMC products and services, network with your peers, BMC partners, and BMC experts.


Here are a few reasons to attend this one-day, no cost global conference:

  • Visionary keynote speakers.
  • Comprehensive product information: Hear from our product experts Anthony BryceDarin Bartik,April Hickel, Seth Paskin, Kristin Baskett, Robin Reddick (and many more) share tips, best practices, and showcase live demos to drive digital IT and business transformation.
  • Grow your network: Build professional relationships with industry peers, partners, and BMC experts in our technology showcase, in between sessions, during lunch and the evening reception, along with impromptu hallway conversations.

Register Now

Learn More about BMC Exchange 2017, and start planning your agenda now. 


When and Where

  • Start Time:

      Oct 12, 2017 10:00 AM EDT (America/New_York)
  • End Time:

      Oct 12, 2017 7:00 PM EDT (America/New_York)
  • Location:

      The Times Center- 242 W 41st St, New York, NY 10036

Event Info

  • Event Type:

  • Event Visibility & Attendance Policy:



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IT Challenge

One of the biggest challenges of IT Operations staff have is updating, upgrading, and maintaining a complex enterprise ecosystem. Infrastructure and applications now span from data centers to both private and public clouds and through virtualized environments that can be anywhere. IT staff often get stuck maintaining this complexity and corresponding updates to monitoring software.


Even though there's a promise of better monitoring, it's just plain frustrating to update and push out changes that are time consuming and tedious.


At BMC, we're simplifying digital enterprise management for all of our customers. This release of TrueSight Operations Management makes it easier to manage your Knowledge Modules (KMs) from one console.


With this version of our TrueSight (PATROL) agent you'll be able to push new KMs and update existing KMs to your agents directly from the TrueSight Console--without having to perform separate installations for each host.


Remember that we're now not only rolling out releases in a much faster pace, but also making it much easier to upgrade when we do. Stay tuned as we make TrueSight Operations Management 10.5 generally available (GA) by the end of this month.


Check out our Free Demo Trial.


Where to next?

IT Operations Management

IT Operations Analytics

Capacity Optimization


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Big data processing has had increased adoption for many enterprises. Most distributions provide basic monitoring to get started but when going to production for mission-critical processing, do you have enough visibility to find and fix issues before they affect any downstream applications or services?


We've recently released our big data KM for Hadoop across all major distributions including Apache Hadoop, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR. Let us know any challenges and successes you've encountered.


Here's a list of ways to get value by monitoring:

  • Automatically detect big data environments and display inventory of available clusters processing big data
  • Baseline performance for over 80 application classes and 800 parameters and alerts you when a measurement falls outside what is considered normal
  • Proactively monitor and alert based on operational analytics including probable cause analysis and log analytics to expedite troubleshooting
  • Prioritize events based on business impact within the context of a comprehensive full IT stack of monitoring for interrelated products including the underlying OS's for Hadoop
  • Remediate events through automated workflows using Atrium Orchestrator or custom scripts


Please provide a comment with insights on how big data adoption and monitoring has been evolving for your organization.


Click Free Demo Trial for TrueSight Operations Management


Where to next?

IT Operations Management

IT Operations Analytics

Capacity Optimization



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We are pleased to announce the general availability of the TrueSight Operations Management Monitoring for this quarter, version 10.0.03.




  • Remote monitoring option and the ability to offer bulk configuration
  • Significantly reduced footprint and improved overall scalability



  • Simplified configuration and provided for custom SQL queries
  • Removed dependencies on administrator level access
  • Additional content to improve customer adoption and understanding


  • Out-of-the-box templates for SAP BASIS monitoring
  • Simplification of policy setting and SAP SMD agent infrastructure monitoring capabilities


  • Remote monitoring support for IBM iSeries and provided facility for automatic configuration

Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Full remote monitoring is now provided as well as monitoring coverage of .NET
  • Policy setting simplification and self-monitoring improvements

Microsoft Windows Server

  • Reduced disk footprint by 80%
  • Simplified configuration and bulk configuration option
  • Remote monitoring support for WMI Wizard
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Here's your chance to test drive TrueSight Operations Management 10.1 all on your own.


Click Free Demo Trial for TrueSight Operations Management


Where to next?

IT Operations Management

IT Operations Analytics

Capacity Optimization

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Planning an upgrade from BPPM to TrueSight Operations Management?

Check out what capabilities are available to you when you migrate from BPPM to TrueSight Operations Management, with many more awesome capabilities along the way through shorter release cycles. (Click the image to enlarge).

BPPM vs TSOM.png

What's next?

IT Operations Management

IT Operations Analytics

Capacity Optimization

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SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring provides a quick way to start monitoring for modern IT initiatives while maintaining your industrial IT initiatives and comprehensive monitoring with TrueSight Operations Management. Check out this video that describes the scenario and how easy it is to get started with TrueSight Pulse.



Using a bimodal IT approach, you can avoid shadow IT.


Where to next?

IT Operations Management

SaaS-Based Monitoring

IT Operations Analytics

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The Challenge of Shadow IT


We're hearing from a lot of customers that they're embracing agile methodologies with DevOps initiatives. In some cases, there's a push to move on premise infrastructure to cloud services. A lot of best practices are changing rapidly to get new initiatives implemented for end users. What's at stake is a trade-off between the speed required to deliver services vs the risk of low quality and at risk exposure to services that might fail without adequate support.


Some IT operations staff have a pretty tight hold on what developers and others who request IT services are doing with secure, mature, and high quality change management systems that ensure quality delivery. Others don't. The enterprise might allow more freedom and some IT initiatives go unmanaged and surface as what some are calling shadow IT. That is, savvy, well meaning and even loyal to the bottom line employees are doing whatever it takes to add value and provide results to what they perceive is the greatest good for the greatest number in a sense while avoiding traditional IT processes altogether.


As an example, Dropbox and other cloud, file-sharing tools used to be and are still forbidden in many enterprises and for many government agencies. People would still use them and it would be surprise when this traffic was discovered going over the corporate LAN with reckless abandon. Now, many IT departments have embraced this technology and pay for and use a business version of these file sharing tools on a regular basis.


Introducing Bimodal IT Strategies


As Gartner defines it, Bimodal IT is an organizational model that segments services into two categories based on application requirements, maturity and criticality. “Mode 1 is traditional, emphasizing scalability, efficiency, safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is nonsequential, emphasizing agility and speed.”


Think of it as having mighty lions and agile cats in your IT strategies for delivering services.


At BMC, we're working very hard to deliver solutions that allow IT Operations to meet the needs of both modes. For Mode 1, we've got TrueSight Operations Management and TrueSight Capacity Optimization. For Mode 2, we've now got TrueSight Pulse released last fall and TrueSight Intelligence being released now.


We'd like to know how customers are now working with both Mode 1 and Mode 2 and what we can do to keep some of the shadow IT headaches from surfacing. For example, let's say you have someone very talented in getting things done in your disaster recovery department and they've written a lot of scripts that help them get their job done and backup and recovery drills always seem to get pulled off without a hitch. Then they leave the company. No one can make heads or tails of what this person was doing with the scripts.


Here's a great article for further reading: Bimodal IT Doesn't Mean Bipolar Organizations: The Path to IT Transformation


Where to next?

IT Operations Management

SaaS-Based Monitoring

IT Operations Analytics

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TrueSight Operations Management formerly BPPM has been getting some more traction on real user review sites like IT Central Station.




Here, we're positioned in the Top Five for Event Monitoring:


Here, we're positioned in the Top Ten for APM Vendors:


To be fair, there have not been a whole lot of review, however the ones that have been done are 5 out of 5's. Consider joining IT Central Station and right a review yourself for either TrueSight Operations Management:


Or one of the other solutions from BMC that you might be using. Here's a link to the TrueSight Pulse page that needs some reviews:

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What are you waiting for? We've got Hadoop covered from every angle.



Our new monitoring capability for Hadoop was released just a few months ago and more recently we announced TrueSight Capacity Optimization support for both Cloudera Enterprise and Hortonworks Hadoop environments here. We've been managing and scheduling batch jobs for Hadoop for quite some time with Control-M.


Hadoop environments process data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. They are designed to efficiently scale up and handle changes in the volume and velocity of data necessary for many key processing components for IT infrastructure and applications. The key benefit of these environments is to not rely so much on the hardware for high availability but rather the Hadoop libraries themselves.


When things go wrongand they sure can when you're dealing the amount of data that Hadoop handleswhat do you do?


Your Hadoop clusters can fail without notice and lots of downstream processing can get jammed up for you to sort through. Having the visibility from TrueSight Event and Impact management as well as traditional monitoring can save the day.


TrueSight Operations Management supports monitoring of all the major distributions of Hadoop, including:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • IBM InfoSphere BigInsights
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • MapR


Using the power of TrueSight Operations Management and dynamic threshholds, you can be alerted as soon as something goes out of wack according to your unique environment.


IT Data Analytics also ships with TrueSight Operations Management 10+ and includes a Hadoop Content Pack for further troubleshooting.


For more information about Capacity Optimization for Hadoop, see:

TrueSight Capacity Optimization to plan and manage Hadoop resources


For more information about monitoring using the Patrol for Hadoop Knowledge Module (KM), see:

Hadoop Getting Started


For more information about Control-M and Hadoop, see:

Control-M for Hadoop

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Our TrueSight brand has picked up quite a bit of momentum lately with the introduction of two new solutions.


These two newbies—as some folks would say—“are sexier” than what we’ve had in the past. What’s not to love about TrueSight Pulse, a SaaS offering that you can get running in less than two minutes, or what about the ability to find new insight by exploring your data and applying analytics to new data sets with TrueSight Intelligence?


TrueSight Intelligence is a new solution from the ground up and is in a beta stage right now. TrueSight Pulse (formerly Boundary) has been in action for a couple years and provides second-by-second monitoring of infrastructure metrics as well as monitoring for specific agile, devops platforms for developing web-scale applications.

The BIG QUESTION. Dunt, dunt, da . . . When does IT operations management consider TrueSight Pulse as a viable solution?


TrueSight pulse is not intended to replace BMC BPPM or TrueSight Operations management but rather complement your overall IT strategy.


Here's the scenario:


A new group in your organization has been charged with leaner, meaner application development. The requirements are that it must be hosted in the cloud and the infrastructure and accompanying applications must be fluid so that resources can be rolled out and rolled back at the scale necessary to achieve the initiative. No one has time for a formal POC but they want to be able to monitor this environment without a lot of extra overhead. You have been asked to help them out or else they will get their own solution, make one in house with scripts and freeware, or whatever it takes.


You also know there's pressure to cut your IT budgets, become more streamlined, and be more innovative. So, if you don't help them out, you might inherit whatever "skunk works" project they cobble together when the solution takes off the ground. UGH! Here's when you can be their champion and offer TrueSight Pulse:


Check out these use cases:


Lightweight Monitoring

  • Deploy and begin monitoring resources in less than 90 seconds without a lot of training
  • Provide self-service monitoring  for small projects that might become part of IT Operations at a later date
  • Create dashboards of the most critical metric data without a lot of overhead

DevOps Initiatives

  • Monitor critical services that are developed and run continuously with real-time streaming metrics
  • Incorporate monitoring in development and testing phases
  • Integrate seamlessly with developer tools for collaboration and troubleshooting

AWS Deployments

  • Integrate with comprehensive AWS CloudWatch metrics for visibility and control
  • View AWS infrastructure availability, performance and usage metrics in actionable dashboards
  • Get alerts when AWS Infrastructure performance and usage metrics violate thresholds


To get started on a free trial, just go to and see how it works.


Don't let bimodal IT give you a headache.








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We've recently released our new Knowledge Module (KM) for monitoring Docker environments. With just a few configuration steps, you can view the inventory of your Docker hosts and up to 500 containers on each host. As much of the agile development movement is moving toward technologies like Docker, we at BMC planned to keep up and provide solutions that while keep your IT running smoothly as well as being to date monitoring what's hot for innovative IT projects.


Here's a TrueSight Operations Management dashboard with time series data about the availability and performance of a Dockerized environment.




You can also check out this more complete overview here:



TrueSight Pulse provides a plugin for lightweight monitoring:


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Do you remember playing musical chairs? The game requires a group of players, usually youngsters, a set of chairs, and music that someone controls. As the music starts, the players begin walking around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone must find a seat.


However, there's not enough seats for everyone :-(


The person who doesn't find a seat must leave the game. With each round, one more chair gets removed until there's one player left who is the winner. In many cases, two players must struggle with each other to claim the last chair.


Web-scale IT is very similar. When the music stops, some transaction—or in web-scale terms—millions of transactions don't occur because there's one or more endpoints not available in the complex delivery chain of digital services. Typically a service does not execute fast enough for an end user somewhere accessing an app. 

In a post on the Gartner Blog Network, Cameron Haight explains web-scale IT as . . . "It’s our effort to describe all of the things happening at large cloud services firms such as Google, Amazon, Rackspace, Netflix, Facebook, etc., that enables them to achieve extreme levels of service delivery as compared to many of their enterprise counterparts."

He refers to a Gartner research note that identifies six elements to the web-scale recipe: industrial data centers, web-oriented architectures, programmable management, agile processes, a collaborative organization style, and a learning culture.


We've just announced our acquisition of Boundary to provide our new SaaS offering called TrueSight Pulse and based on their Premium solution for any size enterprise needing web-scale IT.  This revolutionary solution provides second-by-second monitoring of infrastructure metrics so that web-scale initiatives can be met with real-time streaming dashboard data and alerting about the health of DevOps environments.


For more information, see:

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Virtualization Monitoring


Smart computing technologies have given rise to the virtualization of almost every device that has been historically managed as a discrete piece of hardware—servers, switches, routers, desktops, and so on. The bare metal that hosts these new virtualized environments hardly gets noticed, giving way to all the virtualized computing technologies that run in data centers, across distributed architectures, and in remote and localized cloud infrastructures. 


The Challenge


Modern IT must be quick and nimble in provisioning any virtual resources that have a direct impact on the business bottom line. They must quickly spin up, replicate, deploy, and/or recover data and processing capability in minutes as opposed to what took days and weeks in the past. If not, enterprises will find themselves rapidly slipping behind the competition.


The Solution


BMC TrueSight Operations Management provides a complete monitoring solution for virtualized environments to make sure that critical infrastructure and ultimately the apps that run the business are in tip top shape every minute of the day. Using actionable real-time and historical monitoring metrics about the health and diagnostics of virtualized environments, TrueSight Operations Management ensures that all business-critical processes working in a virtual environment get the results you need to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, data-driven digital world.

TrueSight Operations Management virtualization monitoring supports all major vendors including:


  • VMware
  • Hyper V
  • Red Hat


  • Citrix
  • IBM
  • KVM




For more information, see TrueSight Operations Management - BMC



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Big Data Monitoring


Big data drives business-critical activities more than ever. Enterprises rely on huge amounts of timely data from almost anywhere to analyze and determine what information needs to get to existing and potential customers at the right times. This helps do business and generate revenue that might otherwise go unrecognized. The placement of ads after you search for goods and services on the Internet is not a coincidence—all are governed by big data analytics.


The Challenge


As the volume and velocity of data overwhelms any environment without notice, systems begin to fail. Carefully orchestrated algorithms executing automated and on-demand strategic actions from big data analytics no longer perform at optimal levels and infrastructure does not meet basic availability requirements. Business critical actions no longer occur and revenue plummets.


The Solution


BMC TrueSight Operations Management provides a complete monitoring solution for both Hadoop and MongoDB environments to make sure that your big data processing does not hiccup at the most critical time.


Using actionable monitoring metrics in real time about the health and diagnostics of your Hadoop clusters and MongoDB processes, TrueSight Operations Management along with big data monitoring ensures that all business-critical processes work together to get you the results you need to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, data-driven digital world.


TrueSight Operations Management big data monitoring supports MongoDB and all major distributions of Hadoop, including:


  • Apache Hadoop
  • IBM InfoSphere BigInsights
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • MapR


April Hickel Pushpak Pradhan

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