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This latest release includes the following new and updated solutions for TrueSight Operations infrastructure monitoring:


NEW! Google Cloud Platform KM *

BMC is committed to support our customers Cloud Initiatives and monitoring requirements around those initiatives.   With our latest TrueSight Operations Solutions release, you can now include your Google Cloud Compute, application and function monitoring in your TrueSight monitoring policies.

TrueSight Google Cloud Platform solution covers:

  • Google Cloud Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud App Engine
  • Google Cloud Functions

For more information view the online documentation.


* Google Cloud Platform KM is available only under the Data Streaming licensing/pricing.



The TrueSight Operations Infrastructure repository 11.3 includes the following new and updated knowledge modules:

NEW!    Google Cloud Compute KM *

Google Cloud Compute provides monitoring for the Google Cloud Compute Engine and is included in the 11.3 repository and is included under the Server and Analytics licensing.

With Google Cloud compute you can monitor the availability of virtual machine instances and provides information about CPU usage, disk operations, network operations, and uptime of the VM instances.

For more information view the online documentation.


* For additional Google Cloud Platform monitoring such as App Engine and Cloud Functions, see Google Cloud Platform KM


NEW! Composite Parameters  KM v.1.0

Create custom parameters from one or more parameters within a monitoring policy to create a new parameter for customized monitoring.  For example, create a parameter the sums and generates an average of CPU across multiple Virtual Machines.  Use both arithmetic or logical expressions.

  • Create user-defined metrics using the agent-level composite monitor - The KM allows you to create monitors by using multiple attributes of same or different monitors running on a PATROL Agent using logical, relational, and arithmetic operators that evaluate to either True or False.
  • Create custom parent instance hierarchy - This feature allows you to decide the parent of any newly created composite instance. This allows you to specify any existing instance on the PATROL Agent to use as a parent for the created composite instances.
  • User-defined instance and attribute name
    • Instance Name -  Defines a unique display name that is used to identify a Composite instance.
    • Attribute Name - This name is used to represent the attribute in TrueSight.
  • Configurable polling interval - This feature gives the flexibility to define the polling interval for each of the composite instances. By default, the polling interval is set to 5 minutes.
  • Conditional alert for logical expression - This feature allows you to set the alert based on the result of the logical expression. For example: You can set the alert type to Critical for an expression that evaluates to False, and you can set the alert type to Warning for an expression that evaluates to True.


For more information view the online documentation.



IBM iSeries v.4.2 KM updates

The IBM iSeries Knowledge Module has been updated with new metrics and features:

Features available in this release:

  • Support for Network Connections monitoring – The KM now enables you to start and stop monitoring of network connections. For information about how to configure network connections.
  • Enhanced System monitoring - The KM now provides average internal interactive response time, number of interactive transactions, and aggregate percent of CPU utilization of the iSeries system.
  • Enhanced Message Queue monitoring - The KM can now process large number of messages in every polling cycle with multiple search criteria. For example, 1000 messages per polling.


For more information view the online Release Notes.

Do you have a specific question around these capabilities? Comment below!

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