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Recently, we expanded Knowledge Availability to share public solutions on BMC Communities so you can find solutions in Google, bookmark them, receive notifications when they are updated, 'Like' them and even share them on social media.


They appear right in the TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt community:


Easy way for you to review, like, comment or bookmark KAs


Why did we do that?


In Customer Support, we improve knowledge articles as we use them in cases.  For example, we may be able to:


  • add symptoms so the solution can be more easily found
  • make the solution more comprehensive so it covers more environments
  • add solution steps to be easier to follow
  • update the solution if a new feature or resource is available


The key is making quick, simple changes that will help the next reader.   It is not so much about perfect spelling or grammar, but about how helpful it is.


For the next step in our evolution of knowledge collaboration, I'd like to invite Community members into this process.

See an article that can be easily improved?  Tell us about it !


Just add a comment on the Article if you have an idea how to make it better, using the above examples as a guide. We'll review the comments periodically and improve the official knowledge article where appropriate so everyone can benefit.


Ready? Test out TrueSight Infrastructure Management Knowledge Articles


We hope we are taking the right steps to make solutions more readily available.

As always, let us know how we are doing or other suggestions for improvement by commenting this blog post.

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