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The Integration Service is the core piece of connection between Truesight and BMC Patrol and other third-party products, such as HP Operations Manager, Microsoft SCOM and IBM Tivoli Monitoring. This component fetches data from the above-mentioned products and provides this data to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. Here is the architecture illustrated:


The Integration Service accepts streaming of PATROL data and events using a common connection port. The default port is 3183. After the events arrive at the Integration Service, they are separated and follow a unique path to one of the following based on configuration:

• The Integration Service local cell (default behavior)
• A named event cell
• The BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server associated with the Integration Service


Best Practices

• Do not configure or add Integration Services from the Administrator console. Add them from the TrueSight console.
• Always provide a meaningful name for each Integration Service so that it can be properly identified in the environment. For example, include the network domain name where the Integration Service is installed.
• Ensure that you do not install Integration Service on the same computer where you have installed the Infrastructure Management Server.


Patrol Agent and Integration Service compatibility

Before you install and configure the connection between Patrol Agent and Integration Service, please check the compatibility matrix as follows:


How to define an Integration Server to connect with a PATROL Agent

1. While creating a package from the Truesight CMA Console:
During the process of creating a Deployable Package from the Truesight Console, you may enter one or more known Integration Service(s) to connect to. Each entry is separated by a comma and has a format of 'Protocol:IntegrationServiceHostname:PortNumber'.

For example: tcp:Integration Service Hostname:3183

where 3183 is the port on which Integration Service host is listening for incoming PATROL Agent connection for Auto-Registration.

2. Using PConfig variables:

You may also add the following pconfig variable to the existing configuration in order to define the Integration Server for connecting with the Patrol agent. This pconfig variable can be applied from the Truesight Console or directly from the Patrol Agent server using pconfig utility.

"/AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices" = { REPLACE = "tcp: Integration Service Hostname:3183" }


How to check if the configuration is successfully applied to a PATROL Agent?


1. From the Patrol Agent Error Log: Once the above configuration is done, open the latest Patrol Agent Error Logs located in the $PATROL_HOME/log directory or %PATROL_HOME%\log folder. A message in the following format should be present in the logs. This message indicates that the configuration is successfully applied, and the Patrol Agent is now connected with the Integration Server.

DAY DATE TIME: ID 1021fa: I: Connection established with Integration Service <IntegrationServerHostname> on port <Default 3183>


2. From Truesight Presentation Server: After the successful connection of Patrol Agent with the Integration Service it should be listed on Truesight presentation server under Managed Devices


3. From Truesight Infrastructure management Server: A similar entry would also be created on TrueSight Infrastructure management under the Devices option


Troubleshooting steps in case of unsuccessful connection between the Patrol Agent and Integration Server

In case there is an unsuccessful connection between the Patrol Agent and the Integration Service, you should see a message in the Patrol Agent Error Logs as below:

Connection with Integration Service CLM-PUN-023030.BMC.COM with port 3183 lost


To check the network connectivity between the Patrol Agent and Integration Service, please follow the steps below:

1. Verifying that the Integration Service is running

For Microsoft Windows, to verify that the Integration Service is running, ensure that the Integration Service Ver x.xbuild yyyy (portNumber) service status is started. If the Infrastructure Management Integration Service Ver x.xbuild yyyy (portNumber) service is not running, start it.

For Linux, to verify that the Integration Service is running, navigate to the installationDirectory/pw/pronto/bin/ directory, and run the pw agent status command. Verify that the tsim_agent process is listed. If the tsim_agent process is not listed, run the pw agent start command. This command restarts all the Integration Service processes.

If any exceptions occur, check the following log files that are stored on the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server at installationDirectory\pw\pronto\logs:
•             TrueSight.log
•             TSIMAgent.log


2. Execute a telnet command from the Patrol Agent server as follows:
telnet <Integration Server host/IP> <port on which Integration server is listening:default is 3183>
As a result, if a blank screen appears then the port is open, and the test is successful.


3. From the Integration Server, execute a netstat command as follows:
netstat -aon | findstr <port on which Integration server is running:default 3183>
You should be able to see the IP address of the Patrol Agents with “Established” connections as a result.


If you continue to face any issues between the Patrol Agent and Integration Server connection, please submit a case with BMC Customer Support for further assistance.