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Hi everyone, if you have not heard already, BMC has released TrueSight Fix Pack 11.3.02. This is the latest fix pack for TrueSight Operations Management 11.x and BMC would like to encourage you to download and apply it or consider upgrading to the latest code base and applying the fix pack in your environment.


What is so different about 11.3.02? Well let me tell you a bit about some of the changes..see below.


However, let's get some of the basic details out of the way first:

It is important to note that Fix packs do not contain all of the files that are required for a complete product installation. Before you install the fix pack, you must have previously installed the base version of the product based on the requirements below:

Product Version required

TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3.01
TrueSight Infrastructure Management components 11.3.01
TrueSight App Visibility Manager components 11.3.01
TrueSight IT Data Analytics 11.3.01


There is an order for installation of the fix pack which is shown below:



It is important to follow the preparation steps as well as the post installation activities.  Particularly this set of instructions right here :

Before applying a feature pack or fix pack, make sure that you have an  OS backup or a VM snapshot of all affected systems. If this is not

possible, make sure that you back up the individual TrueSight Operations Management components.


The actual instructions and details for applying the fix pack can be found here

Applying feature packs or fix packs - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.3 - BMC Documentation


If you are interested in upgrading from an earlier version of TrueSight Operations Management, please see the details at the link below

Upgrading to 11.3.02



Java Enhancements

The TrueSight Operations Management products can now be configured to use Azul 8 Java. For more information, see

Replacing Oracle JRE with Azul 8 Java.


Additional Remedy SSO authentication types

Configure additional Remedy SSO authentication types
You can now configure the TrueSight Presentation Server with the following Remedy Single Sign-On authentication types:
• Kerberos authentication
• Certificate-based authentication

For more information see Configuring user authentication for the Presentation Server in Remedy SSO - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Presentation…


TrueSight Presentation Server and Infrastructure Management enhancements

  • Noise reduction metrics

Noise reduction enables you to avoid looking at endless volumes of incoming events and focus on resolving important events more efficiently.

The noise reduction metrics help you understand the volume and percentage of events received, stored, and suppressed. Events are suppressed based on rules defined at the cell level resulting in reduced operational noise. This capability works across event sources including Infrastructure Management servers and associated remote cells and across historical and streaming data.

For more information, see  Viewing and understanding noise reduction metrics.


  • Create and enable a base user group

You can now create a user group in Remedy SSO and manually enable it as a base user group. This is not enabled by default. After you manually enable the base user group, any use belonging to an external identity provider such as LDAP or SAML without an associated user group in the Remedy SSO can now log in to the TrueSight console.

For more information, see Default users and user groups - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3 - BMC Documentation


  • Orchestration actions for events

Run out-of-the-box Orchestration actions from recurring events with known remediation steps. This capability reduces the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and errors and delays associated with using manual methods for remediating events. This release enables you to easily integrate TrueSight Presentation Server by adding TrueSight Orchestration as a component. After the integration, you can initiate Orchestration actions from the relevant events.

For more information, see  Using Orchestration actions to enable triage and remediation of events

  • tssh command to check for component port availability

The tssh component portcheck command is used to check the availability of a component port in the Presentation Server.

For more information, see Checking a component port availability from the Presentation Server.

  • tssh command to reinitialize events in the Presentation Server

The tssh event reinitialize command reinitializes events in the Presentation Server. If you modify an existing custom event class definition in the Infrastructure Management server, this command is helpful to view the modified events on the TrueSight console.
For more information, see Reinitializing events in the Presentation Server.

  • tssh and pw commands to create and import certificates (Personally, one of my favorite enhancements - we have all had so much fun with certificates in the past! BMC is trying to make the certificate creation/installation much easier- please do provide feedback regarding this and all new features please!)

TrueSight Presentation Server and TrueSight Infrastructure Management server provide a set of CLI commands to create, import, list, delete, and verify the certificates easily quickly. You enter a few basic details, and the certificates are created and imported with minimal user intervention.
For more information, see Implementing certificates in TrueSight Operations Management using scripts.


BMC Service Resolution integration enhancements

The following enhancements and changes are available for the TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.02 and BMC Service Resolution 3.5 integration:

  • The BMC Service Resolution integration with Remedy supports only a limited number of temporary fields (10) that can be used for creating incidents based on events in Infrastructure Management. With Infrastructure Management 11.3.02, extend your system by configuring custom fields in addition to the default 10 fields.

For more information, see Configuring additional fields to create incidents with custom information.

  • You can import BMC Service Resolution certificates into TrueSight Infrastructure Management by running the pw certificate import command.

For more information, see  Creating and importing certificates in TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

  • In addition to the TrueSight.log, the logs related to one-click validation are available under the /usr/pw/pronto/logs/bsroneclick.log. Also, with Infrastructure Management 11.3.02, an out-of-the-box propagation policy is automatically created. Each time the one-click validation is run, the policy is enabled and then disabled on completion of the validation.

For more information, see Validating integrations.

  • The mapping files (,,, and IBRSD.conf) are automatically backed up.

For more information, see Extending your system capabilities.

  • Additional incidents are created when the severity value changes to a lower value.

For more information, see Configuring SIM Notification Registry parameters in the cell.

  • Authentication support for running commands via the Agent Query Tool

With this release, you can configure authentication for all users irrespective of their roles or permissions to run PSL commands via the Agent Query Tool. After you enable authentication,all users will be required to provide user credentials used for installing PATROL Agent before they can run the queries. You can run PSL commands via the Agent Query Tool from both,  the Infrastructure Management Operator Console and the Presentation Server.

For more information, see the following links:

    Working with PATROL Agents through the operator console
    Performing actions on a PATROL Agent


TrueSight App Visibility and Synthetic Configuration enhancements

  • Synthetic Blackouts and Time Frames

You now have additional options to configure and manage Synthetic Blackouts and Synthetic Time Frames. The existing Blackout configurations are migrated automatically when you apply the 11.3.02 service pack.
For more information, see the following topics:

   Upgrading Synthetic Blackouts
   Configuring and managing synthetic blackouts
   Managing synthetic configurations with APIs

  • Migrating TM ART Monitor Exclusions

You can now migrate TM ART Monitor Exclusions to the new Synthetic Blackouts.

For more information, see Migrating synthetic configurations.

  • Execution Plan Schedule

You can now set the Initial Execution Schedule from the Execution Plan Schedule > Advanced Settings. The Initial Execution Schedule in Execution Plan can be used to start the initialscript run in one of the following cases:     Execution Plan creation/Execution Plan updates/TEA Agent restart

For more information, see Editing an application's synthetic settings

  • Reclassifying Silk errors in the TEA Agent

You can now reclassify the list of default Synthetic Monitor Accuracy, Execution, and Availability errors produced by Silk Engine in the TEA Agent by editing the App Visibility file.

For more information, see Reclassifying Synthetic Monitor Execution errors and Accuracy errors as Availability errors.

  • BDM (AJAX) scripting supported on Firefox and Chrome

Silk Performer BDM scripts are now supported on Firefox and Chrome browsers.

For more information, see Micro Focus Community link.

  • Script to automatically restart HA nodes

You can now use the script and set up a Crontab job to automatically restart the TrueSight App Visibility Manager HA nodes running on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

For more information, see Standby node in HA stops and does not restart.

  • HTTPS proxy support for URLChecker script

You can now use an HTTPS proxy parameter with the URLChecker script.

For more information, see Using scripts to simulate end-user transactions.

  • Locale options for notification display

For Synthetic Metric Rules, you can now set the event notifications to display in one of the three locale options: English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Deutsche (German). The default locale is English.

For more information, see Managing App Visibility notification channels.

IT Data Analytics enhancements

  • IT Data Analytics Launch Context

You can now set the IT Data Analytics Launch Context from the TrueSight console user preferences. The following options are available:

Launch Analyze Data – Displays analyzed events. Enabled by default and Launch Search – Displays logs and events

For more information, see IT Data Analytics Launch Context.

  • Wizard-based installation for service packs

You can now use a wizard to apply the IT Data Analytics service pack.
For more information, see Applying feature packs or fix packs on IT Data Analytics using the wizard.

  • Deploying Search components in the HA mode

You can now deploy multiple search components in the HA mode without any additional configurations.
For more information, see Deploying multiple search components in a HA mode.

  • calc search command

You can now use the calc search command to perform mathematical operations on extracted fields.
For more information, see calc search command.

Usability improvements

  • Enhanced mmigrate utility

The mmigrate utility now merges .load files in a predefined sequence and retains the sequence of the custom and the standard .load files. This capability is useful when you are upgrading from 10.7 or later versions.
For more information, see Using the mmigrate utility.

  • New event to indicate circular relationship in a service model

The impact status of a service model is not accurately computed if it has a circular relationship. A cell creates a special internal event to indicate that a service model contains a circular relationship. If you are using BMC Atrium CMDB as a source of service model data, you can remove the circular relationship by using BMC Impact Model Designer.
For more information, see Troubleshooting circular relationship in service models.

Documentation enhancements

  • Enhanced feature pack and fix pack installation documentation

The TrueSight Operations Management feature pack and fix pack installation documentation is redesigned for ease of use.

The highlights are:

  • A sequenced path to apply the feature pack or fix pack.
  • Better navigational assistance with the “Where you are” map and information about the next step in the process.
  • Every installation procedure is designed as an end-to-end topic for better readability and to avoid page switching.

For more information, see Applying feature packs or fix packs

  • Troubleshooting documentation for component registration errors

Troubleshoot component registration errors using the newly-added documentation.
For more information, see Troubleshooting component registration errors.


Where do I get the fix pack?

You obtain the installation files for the TrueSight Operations Management solution from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. Your ability to access product pages on the EPD website is determined by the license entitlements purchased by your company.

Follow these links to obtain the installation files:

    TrueSight Presentation Server Version 11.3.02
    TrueSight Infrastructure Management Version 11.3.02
    TrueSight App Visibility Manager Version 11.3.02
    TrueSight IT Data Analytics Version 11.3.02


Installing the fix pack

Warning: Before applying this fix pack, make sure that you have an OS backup or a VM snapshot of all affected systems. If this is not possible, make sure that you back up the individual TrueSight Operations Management components. On some Windows computers, after downloading the fix pack installation files from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution

(EPD) site, you may be required to unblock the .zip files before extracting them.

    Right-click the downloaded .zip file and select Properties.
    On the General tab, select Unblock.
    Click OK to save changes and then extract the installation files.


To install Fix Pack 11.3.02 for TrueSight Operations Management version 11.3.01, follow the sequence at Applying feature packs or fix packs .


There is preparation involved, so be sure to read the details before installing, but the basic sequence is as follows:

Complete preparation for fix pack installation - Preparing to apply feature packs or fix packs on the TrueSight Operations Management solution - Documentation for BMC Tr…
Install on Presentation server - details are found here - Applying feature packs or fix packs - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.3 - BMC Documentation
Install on Infrastructure Management
Phase A – Install on the Integration Service and Remote Cell using one of these options
Phase B – Install on the Infrastructure Management server using one of these options
Install on App Visibility Manager
Install on IT Data Analytics
Complete the post-installation activities (optional) - Replacing Oracle JRE with Azul 8 Java - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.3 - BMC Documentation


If you have any questions or run into any issues with the 11.3.02 Fix Pack, please contact BMC Support for further assistance.



Now that 11.3.02 has been released, it is the perfect time to look into our free AMIGO offering!


The BMC Assisted MIGration Offering, or AMIGO, is a program designed to assist our customers in planning and preparing for product upgrades from an older, to a newer supported version.  By engaging with BMC Technical Support Analysts, you will be provided with materials containing guidelines and best practices to aid in compiling your own upgrade plan. An upgrade expert will then review your plan, and offer advice and suggestions to ensure success through proper planning and testing.

The AMIGO program consists of a Starter Phase and a Review Phase.  Each phase is initiated by opening a support case, and ends when the case is closed.

In the Starter Phase, an AMIGO Starter case is opened.  Reference material will be provided and a call with a Technical Support Analyst will take place to discuss the details of your upgrade, and address any questions you may have.  The AMIGO Starter case will be closed, and the next step will be for you to prepare a documented upgrade plan.

In the Review Phase, an AMIGO Review case is opened preferably two weeks prior to a set upgrade date.  A call will be scheduled with an upgrade expert to review your detailed plan, providing feedback and recommendations, along with answers to any outstanding questions.  As needed, a follow up discussion with a Technical Support Analyst may take place for feedback after the upgrade is performed.

The AMIGO program includes:

» A “Question and Answer” session before you upgrade

» A review of your upgrade plan with Customer Support

» An upgrade checklist

» Helpful tips and tricks for upgrade success from previous customer upgrades

» A follow-up session with Customer Support to let them know how it went. This will help BMC to enhance the process.


To get started, please review the details here:


Then open a BMC Support issue containing your environment information (product, version, OS, etc.) and the planned date of the installation, if known. We will contact you promptly, and work with you to ensure a successful and timely outcome.


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