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The buzz this past month seems to have centered around customization. We are seeing more requests to allow custom logos, color differentiated tabs to represent different environments, in addition to some other GUI customization to help make life easier. While we cannot do all that you want today, we want to hear from you to see which options you would like to customize in the future. Branding and labeling your enterprise applications is important to you so it is important to BMC.


We do allow some changes in the GUI, such as the logo and the product name, some changes are officially documented and others will be soon (currently in the knowledge base - see KAs below). We have had several requests come through Support to ask for many GUI changes to help make life easier.


For example, we have had requests, to make the event details Bold, to allow the row heights in TSPS to be adjustable to allow users to make them smaller to fix more on the screen, and even to change the icons for event management in TSPS. While we do not have this functionality today, we hear your requests, and we want to hear more about what type of customization would make your TrueSight experience even better.


Here are some links to our documented processes for changing logos and branding of the product.


11.3 Customizing the logo and about information in the operator and slo consoles

11.0 Customizing the logo and about information in the operator and slo consoles

10.7 Customizing the logo and about information in the operator and slo consoles

10.5 Customizing the logo and about information in the operator and slo consoles


11.3 Configuring branding settings

11.0 Configuring branding settings

Prior to 11.x customization was not officially supported or documented, but you can refer to this Communities post for more details. I would like to thank Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan for all his assistance with this topic in the Community. We love to see activity out there.

Original post- Can We change the logo and theme color in TrueSight


Today, it is possible to change the product name and logo for the TSPS Console here is how to do it. It is quick and easy.


Take the backup of the following files:

en.json, zh.json, and de.json from the <truesightpserver_home>\modules\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes folder.

company.svg from <truesightpserver_home>\modules\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\img\header folder.


Step 1 ::: Product name change


Go to <truesightpserver_home>\modules\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes

Open the en.json file and search for

"productName": "TrueSight"

This TrueSight value is the display for Product Name. Users can customize the name based on requirements.

E.g: "productName": "TrueSight_Prod", "TrueSight_QA", "TrueSight_Dev"


Please follow the same steps to change the productName value in the two additional json files(zh.json and de.json).

Save the files as the changes are made




Step 2 ::: Logo change

In order to change the logo in TrueSight, you would need to go to the <truesightpserver_home>\modules\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\img\header folder.

Backup and then remove the company.svg image, place the svg custom image in the folder mentioned above and rename it as per your company name.




Step 3 ::: Restart TSPS

A restart of TSPS is needed for the changes to be rendered

tssh server stop

tssh server start


Step 4 ::: Launch the TSPS console and verify the changes.


NOTE: These custom logo and product name changes will be lost during an upgrade of TSPS from one major version to another so be sure to make these custom changes after each upgrade


Users can also change the background image of the TSPS login page - check out the video below for details on how it is done



If you dont see what you want in the application today, please do let us know or feel free to submit an Idea via the Community. This feedback helps us help you. Here are a few of the current Ideas which may need your vote. Click the link and vote up the Idea.


Request to support changing the background color in the TSPS console

Request to allow users to customize the event display options in the TSPS console

TSPS - Change column names in the event view

TSOM-Visual Difference of QA and Prod



Have you heard? TrueSight products now have their own YouTube channels

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Do not forget, we offer a free AMIGO program to help you move up to the latest version.


The BMC Assisted MIGration Offering, or AMIGO, is a program designed to assist our customers in planning and preparing for product upgrades from an older, to a newer supported version.  By engaging with BMC Technical Support Analysts, you will be provided with materials containing guidelines and best practices to aid in compiling your own upgrade plan.  An upgrade expert will then review your plan, and offer advice and suggestions to ensure success through proper planning and testing.


The AMIGO program consists of a Starter Phase and a Review Phase.  Each phase is initiated by opening a support case, and ends when the case is closed.


In the Starter Phase, an AMIGO Starter case is opened.  Reference material will be provided and a call with a Technical Support Analyst will take place to discuss the details of your upgrade, and address any questions you may have.  The AMIGO Starter case will be closed, and the next step will be for you to prepare a documented upgrade plan.


In the Review Phase, an AMIGO Review case is opened preferably two weeks prior to a set upgrade date.  A call will be scheduled with an upgrade expert to review your detailed plan, providing feedback and recommendations, along with answers to any outstanding questions.  As needed, a follow up discussion with a Technical Support Analyst may take place for feedback after the upgrade is performed.


The AMIGO program includes:

» A “Question and Answer” session before you upgrade

» A review of your upgrade plan with Customer Support

» An upgrade checklist

» Helpful tips and tricks for upgrade success from previous customer upgrades

» A follow-up session with Customer Support to let them know how it went. This will help BMC to enhance the process.


To get started, please review the details here:


Then open a BMC Support issue containing your environment information (product, version, OS, etc.) and the planned date of the installation, if known. We will contact you promptly, and work with you to ensure a successful and timely outcome.





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We want your feedback. Let us know what you like to see in the blog posts in the future.