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As the year ends, we want to take time to thank all our customers and all our users of TrueSight, BPPM, and all our BMC products. We are grateful that you are using our tools to help enhance the workday. In Support, we strive to help you with any issues you face and we want to get you back up and running as soon as we can.

We can’t do it alone though, there is an entire Community of people and resources that help make application success possible.


It often takes a village… and ours is very diligent in making sure there is content and opportunity out there for the TrueSight/BPPM user. Here are a few resource references just in case you might need assistance.


Are you familiar with our TrueSight Operations Management Blog area in the BMC Community? If not, check it out, there are lots of great articles, videos, and tips

Videos - You can find more how-to videos on YouTube in the TrueSight Operations Management | How-To Videos playlist.

Hotfixes can be requested through a ticket to Support, some can be found here:


Regarding hot-fixes, it is best to check with Support to see which is the latest HF needed for your environment. Recent fixes include: BPPM 9.6 FP2 HF .027 is available and TS 10.7 Fix Pack 2 is available

All Fix Packs and Release Version files are available on our EPD site -

Training Opportunities can be found here


Too many links to refer to? Check this out:

If you need all our various resources in one page, visit this link - or

These pages have links to our Knowledge Base, Documentations, Frequently Asked Questions, and even Training Opportunities! These are great links and we hope you take advantage of having these resources at your fingertips.

If you see an opportunity to improve these resource options, please do let us know as we appreciate feedback.


Webinar Details:

Did you attend our latest TrueSight Webinar? The Connect with TrueSight Operations Management v11.0 Best Practices Webinar Series held another successful webinar on November 14th to provide a TrueSight 11.0 Overview. Missed the session? Click the link below and select the Recorded Session link to see what you missed.

Interested in attending future Webinar sessions or have suggestions for topics, please visit the link below to see upcoming Webinar dates and topics or to provide feedback for what you want to see!

Webinar Details

I know there will be several sessions in 2018, so please keep an eye on the link above.




Interested in upgrading to TrueSight 11.0?

Upgrading can be intimidating and time consuming, but the upgrade to TrueSight 11.0 can be made less painful with the use of our AMIGO program! Users are open to use the AMIGO reference to request assistance with reviewing your upgrade plans.

If you are thinking of upgrading, check out the upgrade documentation here


Also, be sure to check whether you need to do a phased upgrade depending on your current product and version. There’s a quick chart to check at this link


Finally, when upgrading from an earlier release that requires phased upgrades, consider the benefits of migrating. For more information about the pros and cons of migrating, see Benefits and risks to upgrades and migrations.


Regardless of where you fall in the upgrade/migrate path, let us help you!

The BMC Assisted MIGration Offering, or AMIGO, is a program designed to assist our customers in planning and preparing for product upgrades from an older, to a newer supported version.  By engaging with BMC Technical Support Analysts, you will be provided with materials containing guidelines and best practices to aid in compiling your own upgrade plan. An upgrade expert will then review your plan, and offer advice and suggestions to ensure success through proper planning and testing.

The AMIGO program consists of a Starter Phase and a Review Phase.  Each phase is initiated by opening a support case, and ends when the case is closed.

In the Starter Phase, an AMIGO Starter case is opened.  Reference material will be provided and a call with a Technical Support Analyst will take place to discuss the details of your upgrade, and address any questions you may have.  The AMIGO Starter case will be closed, and the next step will be for you to prepare a documented upgrade plan.

In the Review Phase, an AMIGO Review case is opened preferably two weeks prior to a set upgrade date.  A call will be scheduled with an upgrade expert to review your detailed plan, providing feedback and recommendations, along with answers to any outstanding questions.  As needed, a follow up discussion with a Technical Support Analyst may take place for feedback after the upgrade is performed.

The AMIGO program includes:

» A “Question and Answer” session before you upgrade

» A review of your upgrade plan with Customer Support

» An upgrade checklist

» Helpful tips and tricks for upgrade success from previous customer upgrades

» A follow-up session with Customer Support to let them know how it went. This will help BMC to enhance the process.


To get started, please review the details here:


Then open a BMC Support issue containing your environment information (product, version, OS, etc.) and the planned date of the installation, if known. We will contact you promptly, and work with you to ensure a successful and timely outcome.





Here are a few new Knowledge Articles added over the last month:


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000145851 How to permanently change the Device Details default view on the TSPS Console?

000146288 Is it possible to import/migrate baseline data from one BPPM/TSIM instance to another TSIM instance?

000146018 Configuration Error: Received decrypted password! It was encrypted upon receipt!

000146006 Backslashes (\) are getting ignored in a saved search when ITDA is launched from Tool Menu -> “Launch BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics” in TSIM Console.




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