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IT Challenge

One of the biggest challenges of IT Operations staff have is updating, upgrading, and maintaining a complex enterprise ecosystem. Infrastructure and applications now span from data centers to both private and public clouds and through virtualized environments that can be anywhere. IT staff often get stuck maintaining this complexity and corresponding updates to monitoring software.


Even though there's a promise of better monitoring, it's just plain frustrating to update and push out changes that are time consuming and tedious.


At BMC, we're simplifying digital enterprise management for all of our customers. This release of TrueSight Operations Management makes it easier to manage your Knowledge Modules (KMs) from one console.


With this version of our TrueSight (PATROL) agent you'll be able to push new KMs and update existing KMs to your agents directly from the TrueSight Console--without having to perform separate installations for each host.


Remember that we're now not only rolling out releases in a much faster pace, but also making it much easier to upgrade when we do. Stay tuned as we make TrueSight Operations Management 10.5 generally available (GA) by the end of this month.


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