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There seems to have been some interest in both SCCM and SCOM monitoring in BPPM lately. Most people who have an interest in this type of monitoring know all too well the differences between SCCM and SCOM and which one is preferred depending on the monitoring environment, but let’s a quick look at both and then see how we can monitor these tools in BPPM.


Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a monitoring tool to give administrators the ability to monitor the health of their environments. SCOM is used to monitor the health and performance of everything from servers to individual applications in Microsoft Windows environments.


Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manger (SCCM) is Microsoft's all-in-one systems management assistant; a self-service solution a designed to evaluate, deploy and update servers and devices in a variety of environments. SCCM provides administrators with the capability to manage all aspects of Windows-based desktops, servers and devices from a single hub, giving them even more control over their IT infrastructures.


Once the IT team has their Windows management system in place, let BPPM monitor it for you!


Does BPPM have an out of the box way to monitor SCOM performance?


BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management 8.6 SP3 and later supports SCOM 2012 monitoring. For more information, please see our online documentation about third party products. In the Admin console, you will the see the adapter name as "SCOM 2007" but you can still integrate it with SCOM 2012.


The BMC SCOM Adapter can monitor the following SCOM versions:


- SCOM 2007

- SCOM 2007 SP1

- SCOM 2007 R2

- SCOM 2012

- SCOM 2012 SP1

- SCOM 2012 R2


NOTE: SCOM 2012 has removed the Root Management Server (RMS); the Root Management Server (RMS) Emulator must be installed for the BMC SCOM Adapter to monitor SCOM 2012.



BPPM 9.6 SCOM support

BPPM 9.5 SCOM support


In order to help you determine what you would like to monitor, we have the SCOM Adapter Monitor Types Reporter tool. The SCOM Adapter Monitor Types Reporter tool is an executable program that provides an XML report of all devices, monitor types, and relevant attributes available on the SCOM server in the BMC ProactiveNet environment.


You must have .NET 3.0 or later installed for the application to run.

The SCOM adapter monitor types reporter information can be used for the following:



•Determine which attributes are relevant to various devices. By using this information, determine which attributes must be selected on the BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console for a particular device.

•Verify whether the SCOM Rule is collecting data on the SCOM server.


For each monitor type, an XML will be generated with the relevant data on the current directory.

For monitor types that are not used for collection (there is no device for those), no XML will be generated.



Does BPPM integrate the SCOM events as well as performance data?


1) The BPPM SCOM Adapter is an adapter to bring in data not events.

2) To bring in SCOM events into BPPM there are 2 options:

2a) BMC offers a 3rd party partner add-on "Seamless Technologies Event Integration for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management" that can be used to bring in events. This can be found under BPPM suite on the EPD download site under ->BMC Event and Impact Management - License Add-on ->BMC Performance Management - >Third Party and Custom Analytics License Add-on

2b) Users can create their own mechanism within SCOM to msend events into BPPM.



How can I troubleshoot SCOM data collection issues?


Setting up SCOM Adapter debug is recommended, that way, we can see the communication attempts.

Here are the steps to collect debug.


  1. On the BPPM agent machine, open the scom.conf file located in the <installDirectory>\pw\monitors\shared\scom directory.

  2. Comment out the line "pronet.scom.ntdebugging.enabled=true" as this line is no longer used by the adapter.

  3. Change the following variable to true: dll.Logger.debugEnabled=false. This is the variable which enables the native debug.

  4. Enable debug for the agent with command 'pw debug on -a <Agent Name>'.

  5. Perform discovery and note the exact time you did this operation.

  6. Collect the entire log directory BPPMAgent\Agent\pronto\logs and send to Support


What about SCCM is it monitored in BPPM?

There is no 'out of the box' solution for SCCM but there are several options for creating a custom solution, see below:


Users can create their own custom KM using the following resources

Building a PATROL Knowledge Module Developers Guide

Advanced PATROL Knowledge Module Development

Event Adapters user guide (for SNMP monitoring)

REST api integrations

Additional REST api's (9.6)


We would also encourage the use of the BMC Community as other members may have had experience setting up monitoring for SCCM and may be able to offer assistance.


So while we do offer the SCOM adapter, we do not have a similar adapter for SCCM performance monitoring out of the box. The majority of the requests we receive are for SCOM data, but if you have an interest in SCCM monitoring, I would urge you to submit an Idea in the BMC Community to request investigation regarding possible monitoring options.


BMC Ideas is a way to provide enhancement requests within our growing BMC Community. We are offering you the opportunity to submit on and vote for your requests for enhancement for your favorite BMC Products!  Check out these short video presentations detailing how to get started with BMC Ideas.


"    Introducing Ideation

"   Accessing Ideas

"    Interacting with Ideas

"    Submitting Ideas





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