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Have you heard? The Web Application Server KMs have been completely redesigned with performance, usability and security in mind. You spoke and we heard you!

  1. We removed all administrative commands from the Web Apps KMs. Patrol users can no longer restart or shutdown application servers, etc.
  2. You no longer need to configure the Web Apps KMs with accounts that have administrative  privileges.
  3. We simplified the configuration. The Web Apps KMs now have no more than two screens to configure.
  4. We made significant performance improvements. No more high CPU issues.
  5. Added PATROL for Apache Tomcat KM and Generic Java Server KM to the Web Application Servers suite.
  6. Streamlined integration with BPPM.


Introducing BMC PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Application Server!


This is a new KM. It is actually two KMs in one!

You can load the Apache Tomcat KM (TCT.kml) or the Generic Java Server KM (GJS.kml) or both, depending on your needs.


What do these two KMs do?


BMC PATROL for JBoss Application Server


What does the JBoss KM do?


What’s new in JBoss KM version 3.0.00?


BMC PATROL for Oracle WebLogic Server


What does the WebLogic KM do?


What’s new in WebLogic KM version 3.0.00?


BMC PATROL for IBM WebSphere Application Server


The WebSphere Application Server (WAS) KM was GA March 2013:


A maintenance release for the WAS KM is coming soon! Be the first to know when it is released. Sign up for Proactive Notification here


BPM for IBM Web Application Servers – “The Suite”


Let us know what else we can do to improve the Web Application Server KMs. Post your Ideas here We’d love to hear from you!



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