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Our BPPM Webinar series hosted by Subject Matter Experts will resume in the near future, be sure to stay tuned for the dates and topics for our Webinar series.  If you have ideas about topics of interest you would like us to elaborate on, please let us know and we will investigate.


Trending this month: Database Questions


There have been issues opened around the BPPM Database, database version, questions on whether it can be migrated from Sybase to Oracle and vice versa.  So here are a few database basics to help in case you were wondering.


You can use either Sybase or Oracle as the BMC ProactiveNet database. You can use the Installation Guide as your reference to install either an Oracle backend or a Sybase backend. Sybase is integrated with BMC ProactiveNet.


See “Installing BMC ProactiveNet Server with Oracle as the database” on page 58 of the BMC ProactiveNet Installation and Configuration Guide available on our Support Web Site


If you are using Sybase ASA as the BMC ProactiveNet Database on a UNIX or Linux operating system, follow the appropriate steps for your shell to set up the environment so that you can run the Sybase client. This is detailed starting on page 113 of the ProactiveNet Installation and Configuration Guide mentioned under “Configuring the Sybase environment on UNIX or Linux”


There have been several questions about migrating the ProactiveNet database from one platform to another.  For example: Is it possible to migrate BPPM from the embedded Sybase database to an Oracle database?

There is no in-house or other BMC supported mechanism to migrate from Sybase to Oracle with BPPM. If you wish to move from Sybase to Oracle backend, a fresh install of BPPM would need to be performed.


We also see version questions about different database platforms, for example: What are the supported Oracle database versions for BPPM versions 8.6.02 and 9.0.00?  Does BPPM support Oracle version

BPPM versions 8.6.02 and 9.0.00 supports Oracle version and higher (within Oracle 11g).  BMC does not validate every patch version and the assumption is that Oracle would not regress.  While there are no known conflicts with Oracle 11g R2 Patch 3 (, only Oracle 11g R2 Patch 2 ( has been tested and validated by QA.


***NOTE*** BMC Software recommends that you back up the database regularly. Use any of the following utilities to create a backup of the BMC ProactiveNet database and restore the database when necessary:

BMC Database Recovery Manager for Oracle
Any other Oracle recommended backup and recovery utility


Here are a few of our Knowledge Articles specifically about databases in ProactiveNet:

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As you can see there are many questions about the ProactiveNet Database, if you have one that needs to be answered, please do not hesitate to contact, call us at 1-800-537-1813, or Chat with us online from various access points via



Here are some of our general knowledge articles which have been helpful to other customers. Take a look to see if they may help you.

Popular Knowledge Articles:

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