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Welcome to the new monthly blog for users by BPPM Support.
Our new blog replaces our monthly newsletter by providing a more interactive forum here in our BMC Communities.  This blog is intended to cover topics that are trending in BPPM support over the past month, where we'll expand upon a top trending topic to provide some more clarity to a wider audience.


Trending this month: BPPM Data Consistency Report

One kind of issue we still hear a lot from customers is missing data issues.  There is a great new resource available to identify this situation, and we are trying to make sure everyone knows about it. This feature is being developed so look for more documentation regarding its functionality in the future.

BPPM 8.6 Service Pack 3 introduced a new Data Consistency Report. The report, while not documented in the Release Notes, is available in Service Pack 3. The Report is designed to identify data gaps of monitored instances. For example, the report contents will list the monitor instances that receive NO_DATA/NO_RESPONSE data values during polls.


NOTE: This is a replacement to the “runjava apps.SysInfo.SysInfo” command to report on data gaps in BPPM.


In a nutshell:


Add the following entries to \\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf:



  • The property pronet.rate.datagapcheck.enable  enables/disables data consistency report check.
  • The property pronet.rate.datagapcheck.emailNotification  turns on/off email notification.
  • The time interval pronet.rate.datagapcheck.checkinterval default value is 60 minutess. It is recommended to keep a large value to avoid any false positives.
  • The property pronet.rate.datagapcheck.xmlfilerentention defines the number of days to retain xml files.
  • A XML snapshot file is stored in pw/pronto/web/html/datagapsnapshots directory at the end of time interval. The file is stored as date+timestamp as file name.
  • The property pronet.rate.datagapcheck.senddetailedouput allows us to send detailed output via email notification.
  • The reports can be accessed with URL http://servername/jsp/DataGapStat.jsp.
  • The Rate process needs to be restarted for these changes to take effect:
    pw p r rate


Take a look:

The data graph for Processors monitor instance indicates gaps from Fri Aug 15 11.08.46 PDT 2012 to Fri Aug 15 11:38:47 PDT 2012 .


The data values from Wed Aug 15 show the following:


The email report indicates Processors monitor instance has data gaps.

Email Report.png

The Data Consisteny Report UI Data:

GUI Report.png


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Elsewhere in BPPM, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly accessed Knowledge Articles. These are the top trending Knowledge Articles over the last month. Have a look to see if you this information may help you.


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Don’t Forget about BMC Chat

This feature launched in October 2012 is intended for short queries or quick answer type of questions. You can access the chat from various points along the site.  Don’t worry, if you are not sure if your question is a quick one, ask us! If needed, we’ll spawn an issue and continue to work through a support issue.  This is another way we look to keep up with our customers and to be there when you need us!

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