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Topic: BPPM Webinar Series: BPPM Webinar
Date and Time: Thursday, October 24, 2013 10:00 am, Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)
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Trending this month: Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared? Having your systems prepared for any event is very important. Therefore BPPM offers users the option to setup Disaster Recovery (DR)/High Availability methods within the application.

High availability is a backup operation that automatically switches to a standby database, server, or network if the primary system fails or is temporarily shut down for maintenance. High-availability is an important function because it provides fault tolerance to mission-critical systems that rely on consistent availability and performance. Unlike a single-server system, a high availability setup maintains your data and service availability, reducing or eliminating system downtime because of software or hardware failure.
BPPM uses a High Availability approach using a primary and secondary server setup as shown in the architecture overview below:



Requirements for installing BMC ProactiveNet in high availability mode on Microsoft Windows

Before you install BMC ProactiveNet in high-availability mode, make sure that you have two servers with the following configuration:



Identical operating system version (for example, Windows 2008 Enterprise Server)

Identical hardware configuration

located in the same domain

the logical IP is configured

Identical timestamp


Time Services (software available to maintain system timestamps) are required to maintain an identical timestamp between the primary and standby nodes. Windows 2008 Enterprise Server Windows Time services maintain the identical timestamps between the computers. Ensure that this service is running before installing the BMC ProactiveNet in high-availability mode on Windows.


the Microsoft Clustering software should be installed on both nodes

add the common logical IP/host name to be allocated to the two servers to the domain name service (DNS)

map the disk to be shared between the two nodes with same directory name and/or directory path on both nodes

the IP address, Disk, and Network Name should be present in the same group.

BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service installation should be done on a clean computer.



In Windows 2008 Enterprise Server instead of logging into each node for installing the BMC ProactiveNet Server, login to the cluster and install the BMC ProactiveNet Server by moving to each node


Requirements for installing BMC ProactiveNet in high availability mode on Linux/Solaris operating systems

Before you install BMC ProactiveNet in high-availability mode, ensure that you have two servers with the following configuration.


On Linux:

Ensure that the RHEL High Availability add-on is installed on all computers that are hosting nodes. If you are using Global File System 2 (GFS2), ensure that the Resilient Storage add-on is installed on all computers that are hosting nodes.

Apply the latest patches for the RHEL High Availability add-on and Resilient Storage add-on.

Ensure that the shared storage is mounted with the GFS2 file system. This will provide concurrent access to the programs and data from each of the cluster nodes. As a prerequisite to this, ensure that the cluster volume manager is enabled and running


On Solaris:

Ensure that the Sun Cluster software is installed on all computers that will be hosting nodes.

Apply the latest patches for the Sun Cluster software.

On Linux and Solaris:

Both computers hosting the failover configuration should have the same logical name or shared IP address.

Both nodes must be physically interconnected through a private network.

Both nodes should have identical timestamp. .


On Solaris, the Sun cluster installer (if installed with scinstall), maintains an identical timestamp on the participant nodes. Enable this option while installing the Sun cluster. For more information, refer to


Additional Documentation Regarding Disaster Recovery/High Availability:

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Disaster Recovery using Oracle

VMware Best Practices

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management: Disaster Recovery Best PracticesBMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Disaster Recovery 9.0 Documentation


High Availability/Disaster Recovery Q&A

  1. In case of a DR can we failover from our HA BPPM Setup with the Oracle Database in RAC to another site where a similar setup is available with file/storage replication and database replication between sites enabled?
    Theoretically it should be possible if host names are identical between both sites.
  2. Which clustering software is supported in an HA BPPM environment on Windows?
    On Windows only Microsoft Cluster is supported.
  3. Is it possible to install BPPM on a Linux Cluster environment?
    Please review Chapter 11 of the BMC ProactiveNet Installation and Configuration Guide entitled Installing BMC ProactiveNet in high availability mode on Linux/Solaris operating systems
  4. Is ProactiveNet 9.0 supported on virtual machine Windows 2008 servers as high availability?
    BPPM 9.0  is supported on High Availability on VM machine windows 2008
  5. We BPPM 9.0 and it is connected to many integration servers that also connect to the various Patrol Agents. If one integration service fails we lose the data of the respective Patrol Agents. Do you have anything like high availability of integration service?
    You can specify multiple Integration Service strings by using comma as a separator between the Integration Service strings. If the PATROL Agent fails to connect to the first Integration Service, then it uses the next one. Pconfig variable example: "/AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices" = {REPLACE="tcp:IS-host1:3183,tcp:IS-host2:3183"}




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