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Stefan Telley
Hello Everybody, I have again a question...   we have some trouble at our customer... there are some rules which do not work as expected... We have migrated the Rules from a BPPM 9.6 , so maybe… (Show more)
Stefan Telley
Hi Everybody,   I have a curious problem at customer site... Whats happening is,   1. A new event arrives in the Maincell 2. An Enduser creates via Remote Action a new INC in Remedy 3. The new… (Show more)
Donald McLellan
We are regularly asked by our business to integrate events from 3rd party systems with our Event management Cells, so that they can also be managed by our Service Desk who monitor the Event Queue,…
Ashish Kangaokar
Hi Dear Reader,   I want to know how to integrate TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server and vFire CMDB integration, as far as I know its not possible with a straight forward approach, we need… (Show more)
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: TrueSight Infrastructure Management…
Tanusshya Zola
Hi,   On upgrading a unix patrol agent from v9.6 to v11.0 the agent in TSIM under devices is "marked for delete" and no data collection is taking place.Also upon checking the ./b1config*.sh is also… (Show more)
Roland Pocek
Truesight Presentation Server does not show the sub-status of CI's in business services as it is with TSIM GUI. since the sub-status is an important part of serivce models and the status propagation…
Roland Pocek
hi,   my customers are missing the possibility to change the slots displayed in the event details pane in bppm/truesight as it was possible withi IX to cusotmize tabs and change the information…
Patric Yurkowski
We have built some standard use-cases for the, using Patrol Central and the GUI. From this we extracted pconfig variables to be used as a template for deployment of the In… (Show more)
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