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Recent Activity

Andy Scholebo
The Log Management KM can be used to monitor files with dynamic names (e.g. time stamps in the name). The problem comes with trying to set a Server Threshold on them via TSPS Infrastructure…
Narayan Munagala
Hi,   We are trying to consume events in real time to integrate with service now, is there a way by which we can receive events in real time are there any api's?   I know we can fetch list of… (Show more)
Roberto Barnes
Hi,   We are using TSOM 10.5 and would like to start monitoring our Oracle databases on Solaris. On each Solaris server, patrol has its own OS user; however, now that we want to monitor Oracle with… (Show more)
Maurizio Bollino
Hi gurus, one of our customer  (using bppm 9.5 pathc 2) is facing a strange behavoiur in production environment. If a user manualy close an event, in mc_operation is logged  ["'event_id… (Show more)
Abhay Bhagat
Dear Experts,     How this parameter is calculated , Does it considers the event getting dropped by suppression policy as well Percentage of dropped events (DroppedEventPercent) - Documentation… (Show more)
Amit Singh
Hello All,   i have to find two specific words in txt files and in log files and whenever it founds there specific words it need to send an event   i have applied the same with TSPS but getting no… (Show more)
HI Sandeep,     How to monitor the TCP Connection ie  TCP Connection Established and Failed TCP Connection of Server.   I am Using the Windows remote Monitoring KM in my environment   Guru
Roland Pocek
Truesight Presentation Server does not show the sub-status of CI's in business services as it is with TSIM GUI. since the sub-status is an important part of serivce models and the status propagation…
Abhay Bhagat
Can I upgrade the PATROL for Entuity Network Monitor 1.0 to PATROL for Entuity Server 1.1  or Do I need to uninstall the old and install the new one is it only the name change     Regards Abhay
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