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S Kiran
Hi,   I am trying to integrate Solarwinds with BMC TSIM. I am facing the below error while executing psstat command to verify the publish server status.   [root@bmctruesight bin]# ./psstat BMC… (Show more)
Patrick Mischler
Since I have been dealing with Remedy SSO in the last few days, I have a question regarding the authentication. Primarily we want to autenticate the users login to TrueSight against Active Directory… (Show more)
Betty Neumann
TSPS integrated with TrueSight Capacity does not enforce the "Max Session Count per User" setting defined in the TSCO Console. Meaning this component is vulnerable to DOS attacks and/or can't control…
Bharat Mumbaikar
parameter to set timeout value how long it will take before a PPM_SM_EV event is created when a PatrolAgent is disconnected from an Integration Agent.   Attached BAROC details of PPM_SM_EV event for…
Andrew Young
I need to monitor a number of vital printers thru snmp. Does anyone know of a KM that supports the SNMP Printer MIB. I have sent a couple hours authoring one but who wants to dup the effort.
Carsten Lempert
Hi there,   in the menue "Managed Devices" in TSPS you can see, if the agent is in blackout or not. These informations comes from the patrol agent. So when the agent/system is down (disconnected)…
Patrick Mischler
While configuring LDAP for authentication in TrueSight Remedy SSO, I found that there is no way to check if the search filter for users and groups is correct. You can check the connection by pressing…
Patrick Mischler
A lot of applications and services provide REST APIs. Through this APIs a lot of information can be gathered, Among these informations are also informations about the state of the application or…
Albert Taylor
We need the ability to export and import thesholds set in tsps global thresholds from one tsps to another instance.   usecase:   Utilize staging instance for all threshold testing.   Testing…
Ramassh Theivendran
We need a solution to migrate CMA policies created using older versions of solutions/KMs to a newer version.   For example, if we change the ID of an attribute in a solution from one version to the…
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