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Recent Activity

Martin Hall
I’m trying to create a Event Threshold Policy. I want to pass only the 5th event received in the last 1 hour. When I create the policy I've set Always Active Number of Duplicated Events Received = 4… (Show more)
Francesco Gianturco
Hi to all,   I have a little "problem" with the font of Events List in the TSPS; I need to modify it and make it bold; which file should I modify? I saw that in… (Show more)
saddam Bani Hani
Hi   The Patrol Agent is consuming large amount of memory on monitored servers, can any one tell me Why that happened?   I told the customer to create policy from task scheduler (windows servers)… (Show more)
Michael Funke
I'm trying to configure TrueSight to be able to accept SNMP V3 traps, but continue to run into issues with the syntax of the command.   I have finally gotten the event source EngineID, but I need to… (Show more)
Arvind Kumar Goswamy
Is there a KM which allows us to integrated/collect detail about our Office 365 implementation and integrate the data / alerts into a TSOM environment?   If so, which product and or products need…
Lucas Nascimento
I want to break the snmp_vals field, and separate each "\ n" as a unique value. Similar as used in strtolist and assign values to other fields. But it's not working very well.     BAROC event:… (Show more)
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: TrueSight Presentation Server…
Jun Wu
Hi,   I have a bppm 9.0 running on cluster, I am trying to upgrade it to 9.6. The installation failed, I looked into the install log and find that the installer set the cluster name to the core… (Show more)
Baskar Gajendran
Hello All,   We are using ROD 9.1 and TSOM 10.7, connectivity to CMDB has been established for Service Modelling. but when i run the publish below error occurs.   The publication was not succesful:… (Show more)
Betty Neumann
If you have ever wondered whether the TrueSight SNMP Event adapter can handle multiple SNMP trap versions, then wonder no more. TrueSight SNMP Event Adapter can manage v1, v2, and v3 traps, all it… (Show more)
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