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Betty Neumann
A very common problem with HA cells is when they drift out of sync.  The issue occurs when the two cells have different or conflicting information in each cell. This starts to create conflicts… (Show more)
Andrew MacIntosh
I am looking for a solution to exclude Windows mount points from Logical Disk monitoring. Anything out there using regex in a filter to exclude C:\CV_DISK_LIB\DISK* for example.
Reto Streit
Hello When I create an event with the TrueSight rest api call to a TSIM cell,  I get a mc_ueid back If I do the same call against a remote cell, there is no mc_ueid in the responseList. Is… (Show more)
Betty Neumann
The concern: We've configured instance absolute thresholds for monitors from KM Patrol for Scripting KM using policies at TSPS, however they aren't propagating to TSIM and they are not getting…
Steve Robinson
Greetings, We removed a web application that was being monitored via Patrol for Websphere Application server vs 3.1   We can not get patrol for websphere to stop alerting.  I have been working with… (Show more)
Peter Kofoed
I have a lot of event sources using the REST API to generate events. These event sources are not in my control but managed by different parts of the organisation. I would like these incoming events…
Jon Trotter
Links sent via email from the reporting tool take the user to a yellowfin login page which does not allow a login. To open the link, a user must (1) go to TSPS and login, (2) launch into TSSR, (3)…
Ravi Nayan
Hi All,   I am in challenging situation where I have deployed BMC AWS Cloud KM.   But the in the configuration of the AWS Cloud KM it needs Access Key and Secret key   Where as AWS Cloud security… (Show more)
Avinash Mane
I have requirement to monitor logs for AIX/Ubuntu server from patrol agent from windows. Current Log Monitoring KM 7.4.40 is not supporting for the same.
Alvaro Paronuzzi
Hello everyone,   I need to update an event via command line / script. Example: I need to set the status of an event to CLOSED using a command or a script. The main use case is a massive update of… (Show more)
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