• Connect with TrueSight – Running and Understanding TSOM Health Check Tool Webinar

    Please join John as he presents on Running and Understanding TSOM Health Check Tool during the March  webinar.   In this session will review running the TSOM Health Check tool, understanding and interpretin...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • Connect with TrueSight Webinar Series

    Welcome to the Connect with TrueSight monthly webinar series.  This webinar series is focused on the TrueSight products including TrueSight Operations Management, TrueSight Server Automation, and TrueSight Capaci...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • Java Update - Kaazing WebSocket Gateway not working

    Hi.   Java has been updated in my laptop and now it is not possible to run The Kaazing WebSocket Gateway service, and access to my Helix environments using Developer Studio.   Does someone know what files ...
    Roberto Avila
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  • How to familiarise myself with BMC Helix Integration Service?

    BMC Helix Integration Service is a cloud-based solution that enables you to design and automate event-driven tasks across applications. You can connect multiple applications in a single flow, and configure the flow to...
    Olivier Segers
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  • sender receiving the error "RBE Notifications  Email Rejected". while sending mail to our support mail box.

    Sometimes sender receiving the error "RBE Notifications  Email Rejected". while sending mail to our support mail box.   Any idea?
    Amit Kenton
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  • BMC Helix Integration Service web events

    This is the place to be where to find Web Conferencing, Webcasts and Webinars around BMC Helix Integration Service.   Based customer feedback, partners and BMC employees inputs we plan to have the following web...
    Olivier Segers
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  • Show my request in Chatbot

    18 votes
    With "Show my Requests" command in Chatbot, users are able to view last requests from DWP Advance Catalog. But chatbot will not display SRM requests and HRCM cases.   Ideea is raised to have in chatbot  th...
    Mugurel Mihai
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  • Helix Discovery LDAP Integration

    Hi experts,   I am going through Helix discovery documentation and could not able to find LDAP integration, is it removed form the helix discovery?   Thanks
    Ankush Deshmukh
    created by Ankush Deshmukh
  • How can Smart Reporting shows the field value is zero?

    1 vote
    Will there any future enhancement can be made to display (instead of no show) for those items which filtered value is “0” in smart reporting function?
    Josephine Fung
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  • Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy:  Remedy Test Automation Libraries Overview and Use Webinar

    Please join Manoj and Gaurav as they cover Remedy Test Automation Libraries Overview and Use during the  March webinar.   In this session they will cover the overview and use of the Remedy Test Automation L...
    Gregory Kiyoi
    created by Gregory Kiyoi
  • Support Active Directory Federation Services(ADFS) for Login into Truesight Server Automation(TSA)

    30 votes
    Hi Team,   It would great to have integration with ADFS for TSA application user login. Many customers would like to see this feature.   Thanks Pratap Birje
    Pratap Birje
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  • Approval for Business Workflow

    Hi All,   I have a question about approval config in business workflow, Please see my step by following :   Step 1: Create an approval flow             Ste...
    Nichapa Phothiwatana
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  • Distributing DWP and SmartIT apps

    You can make Digital Workplace and Smart IT available to your users via the Universal Client (desktop web browser) and mobile applications. There are three different methods available to make these mobile applications...
    Javier Ares
    created by Javier Ares
  • Import services with dependent questions, look-up inside chatbot

    21 votes
    Accordingly to  https://docs.bmc.com/docs/bmcchatbot/cloud/importing-chat-enabled-services-from-bmc-helix-digital-workplace-advanced-812687916.html there are limitations  for importing services from DWP Adva...
    Mugurel Mihai
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  • BMC Helix, Integration with Azure Blob

    Hi Team   I have a customer migrating to Helix (ITSM, DWP-A) and they want to integrate with Azure Blob. I don´t know if we have something OOTB through Integration Services / MCSM or DWP-A Connectors. Any ...
    Javier Jimenez
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  • Communicating through emails while working on cases or tasks? Use the enhanced email communication options

    BMC Helix Business Workflows 20.02 provides the following email communication options that case agents can use while communicating through emails:   Directly send emails from within the taskYou as a case agent, c...
    Poonam Morti
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  • SR Question Customize

    Hello All   Is there any way to customize the input field and the checkbox? Can I add a label, I like to separate my question in sections and I need to give the section LABEL?   the below screenshot, it's...
    ahmad alzoubi
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  • About : BMC Helix ITSM: Essential Subscription - Administrators?

    Hello communities of BMC's   kindly give me hand with that   my Question is :  is ""BMC Helix ITSM: Essential Subscription - Administrators"" need company deal with bmc partner or i can buying as a ...
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  • BMC Helix ITSM – Smart IT 19.x: Fundamentals Administering: Seats Available

    Week Starting March 12 2020  We have few more seats available in the following Instructor-Led Online class in:   BMC Helix ITSM – Smart IT 19.x: Fundamentals Administering About the Course: This ins...
    Nabonita Roy Kambli
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  • Do you want to get a quick view of reports for cases based on categories and priorities?

    Then check out the new Case Dashboard in BMC Helix Business Workflows.   Here’s how the new Case Dashboard looks like:     The Case Dashboard comes with reports based on case categories, prior...
    Prajakta Pradhan
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