• My customer wants to migrate from on premises to the cloud (BMC Helix)

    Hi all,   I am preparing a presentation to talk to a customer the advantages of migrating to BMC Helix.   I have seen and read some BMC documents that show some advantages (eg infrastructure not being the ...
    rodrigo barcat
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    Hi all,   I'm getting confused about BMC Helix ITSM. Is it cloud based or on-premise product. How can I install it in local area, I've 4gb RAM & 100GB space windows server 2012.   What are differences ...
    Owais Nasar
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  • Size of attachments in BMC Helix ITSM

    I saw this note in the Helix Subscriber information:   Reminder:   BMC imposes a 10MB limit on all attachments. Integrations - BMC Helix Subscriber Information - BMC Documentation   Is that only for p...
    Anne Brock
    created by Anne Brock
  • Helix Discovery Time Out Setting

    In Helix Discovery can the time out be changed to a longer period of time?  I seem to get kicked out of the system after what seems like 15 or 20 minutes of inactivity.  I searched around but could not find ...
    Michael Agens
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  • FindActivities SPI

    Hello Community ,   it's me again. I still try to build a Service Provider Interface for Digital Workplace /Service Broker/ Helix. For this I followed the tutorial: Implementing the Activity Service Provider In...
    Stephan Gasterstaedt
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  • Extend the priority values in the service target Management.

    Hallo,   is there a possibility to expand the priority values for the Service Target in BMC Helix Business Workflows?  the default values are (critical, high, medium, low). I need to add other priority lev...
    Mohamed Magaiez
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  • Does anyone know why I'm getting this error "missing ) after argument list (script#2)"

    Does anyone know why I'm getting this error?  "missing ) after argument list (script#2)". Using Modified java java script in  Pentaho and simply trying to force a date format on the "received date'  fro...
    Warren Spear
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  • BMC Helix - Smart Reporting

    Hi Team,   In BMC Helix Smart Reporting Module - Do we have REST API Commands to connect , Run a existing report and download the results as a .csv file?  If yes - Please let me know.  We want to make ...
    Saravanan Subramanian
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  • Customize notifications in DWP

    Hi all together,   i need your help regarding the DWP notifications   We need to customize the design and also the content and structure of the ootb notification of DWP. It is not enough to have 3 variabl...
    Maximilian Bugl
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  • BMC Remedy login credential for trial version

    I am new to BMC remedy, I have created a trial account for Remedy ITSM, it has provided me a link which redirects to the ITSM dashboard. The problem is this dashboard gets login without any credentials. Could anyone s...
    Barun Kumar Singh
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  • After Upgrading to Helix Work Order Request Assignee and Support Group cannot be left blank

    Has anyone experienced being forced to assign a Request Assignee on a work order? Before upgrading we used to leave it blank to allow the Request Manager on the work order to assign based on agents availability. ...
    Annie Ramos
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  • Smart IT - Cognitive services - E-Mail

    Hello, i try to configure the cognitive service in Smart IT. For now it works that i can send a mail to the helpdesk and there create a incidentticket and get a answer (Mary Mann <-> Helpdesk). But then i hav...
    Eduard Cipes
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  • Helix subscription start date

    I need to know if the Helix subscription date is starting from the order received or from the day that the environment is activated? Ex. if I place the order now and activate the environment after 3 months, what woul...
    Omar Abushanab
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  • BMC Remedy on Demand- Custom URL

    The URL for BMC Remedy OnDemand service allows only the following format:   https://<companyname>.onbmc.com   Is there anyway to customise the URL instead of "onbmc"? Please let me know your views. &...
  • ‘Mid Server’ for BMC HELIX

    Hi All:        I need to build a form in Helix and use the WEB API to talk to a vRA instance inside my network.  unfortunately i don't have an external ip address for my vRA.   ...
    Jigang wang
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  • BMC Outage Service Report

    Hey there! Quick question for you? Not sure if I am in the right place. We have a service dashboard we have access to (https://status-ams.onbmc.com/dashboard/dashmain.p...) however this is the service it seems for bmc...
    Crystal Ashton
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  • Time differences for Helix in different browsers

    Do any of you have differences in the time format on different browsers?
    rikke lykstoft
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  • Regarding Helix ITSM : Custom Forms

    Hi,   I have a question about Helix ITSM. I had gone through the free trial of Helix ITSM on bmc.com. As I understand it's more or less Smart IT on cloud , which could be hosted on bmc cloud or AWS or Azure. ...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • BMC Helix ITSM 19.08 & Remedy ITSM 19.08

    Hi,   I was researching some information about Helix. For example, I can see Helix free trial etc on bmc.com.. that sounds good, but resources available over internet doesn't answer many questions.   I wil...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • Issue on Spoon Job, shows error as "Unable to save Job in repository, database rollback performed" while saving the job

    Need some assistance on Spoon issue, Customer has upgraded to 19.02 Remedy Helix Env   Through Spoon “GT DB CMDB AI Job isn't working” when investigated found that the path for the values on Paramete...
    Nilesh Sawant
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