• Helix Chatbot - How to send REST response back to current chat session

    Hi Experts, I am working on Chatbot Integration with 3rd Party app and facing challenges to figure out how to pass response back from 3rd Party app to Chatbot current session.   Scenario goes as below: In Hel...
    Akshay Patwa
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  • "show alert" doesn't show alert

    How do I configure a rule to pop-up an alert?   When I add a Show Alert platform action in my rule I don't get a pop-up after the record is created.   Here is my simple rule (attached)
    Clark Bohs
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  • Helix ITSM Trial: Provided Smart IT & DWP are outdated

    Hey all,   https://helix-itsm.trybmc.com/smartit is still running on 19.02 - when will it be updated to 20.02? https://helix-dwp.trybmc.com/dwp is also not up to date. (19.05)   I contacted RemedyTrialHel...
    Andreas Petraschke
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  • Digital Worklplace/ Java Helix Connector

    Hello BMC Community,   I am facing a strange problem with a dwpc connector I wrote a year ago. We are now trying to use the same connector on a dwpc helix instance but the connector is not accepted there but st...
    Stephan Gasterstaedt
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  • SELF HELP related documentation link

    How to configure the SELF-HELP for a newly created application in Innovation studio ? I could only find below document in BMC docs - https://docs.bmc.com/docs/helixplatformprevious/_linkslibrary-918978407.html?src=s...
    Anjali Kothawade
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  • How to obtain ITSM URL in InnoStudio

    Hey BMC-Community, Hey Laurent Matheo ,   In our current Testing environment we have the opportunity to get the records of a linked Smart-IT ITSM system. So I guess somewhere this must be configured inside Inno...
    Stephan Gasterstaedt
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  • Business Workflows - Delete a template

    Good afternoon,   I am struggling when it comes to delete some template. I am missing some option to do it in the view where I can create some. Because there are some dependencies it is not a solution to just th...
    Martin Loreck
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  • Helix 20.02 Cloud - Migrating Audit Forms

    Hi all, I need to know if is it possible to perform the data migration of the following forms with audit related disabled.   CTM:people HPD:HelpDesk CHG:Infrastructure change SRM:Request   I want to mi...
  • KCS Knowledge

    Hi,   We are undertaken a project to move to BMC Helix so are brand new to the tool and going through the online training.   I have done the KB training but and checked the communities for guidance but una...
    Graham McCarroll
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  • BMC Helix

    Hi All,   We are planning to upgrade to Helix from ARS 9.1  SP4 to BMC Helix latest Version:-   :- Does Helix provide all ITSM Applications?   :- We have done a lot of customization:-  What...
    Pratap Dalai
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  • Reg Integrations to new BMC helix from existing on Premise BMC discovery

    Hi,   Please comment on how can have the existing integrations migrated from existing on premise ADDM to BMC Helix discovery,   What could be the factors to be considered or steps before doing this?  ...
    Jamila Khan
    created by Jamila Khan
  • Migrate from BMC On Premise to BMC helix

    Hi,   We have current BMC discovery setup on premise and are planning to go for BMC helix based discovery, How can we take care of the integrations that is already being done on premise to helix? How can we en...
    Jamila Khan
    created by Jamila Khan
  • Integrating BMC Remedy with Dynatrace

    We are trying to integrate Dynatrace with BMC Remedy using Rest API.For doing so we have shared auth token with Dynatrace which remain valid only for an hour. In Dynatrace there no feasibility to call our rest API to...
    Shalaka khot
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  • Hermes is hiring a Product Owner for the BMC Platform

    If you are looking for a new challenge in the most beautiful city in the world (Hamburg - Germany);-) please apply the job. https://job.otto.de/otto/or_publication/default/html/03024936   Do you have any quest...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Creating a Change Approver Report

    Has anyone had any experience in creating a adhoc report or even a smart reporting report for change requests which also show the basic data from a change (product, service, change approver, etc) along with the approv...
    greg christofferson
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  • error 6509 the chatbot locale is missing for the chatbot configuration

    error 6509 the chatbot locale is missing for the chatbot configuration
    Fernando Bocanegra
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  • How to achieve Auto-populate the fields by filling one field in Views in innovation studio ?

    Hi,   I am new to this innovation studio application creation. So, I need help in this use case:   Use Case: I am creating one view having three fields: Emp Name, Emp Id, Emp mail.   Requirement: ...
    Rishi Vasudeva
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  • BWF: Using dynamic Fields in Processes

    Hi,   Juergen Hauser maybe you can help   i created a view dynamic fields in the BWF dynamic field library (with source = system) and configured my Case template to use them. But how can I access or modif...
    Tobias Buehl
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  • How can we make Helix chatbot to work in languages other than locales supported default.

    How can we make Helix chatbot work in languages other than locales supported default?
  • Customizing Helix ITSM

    I have just started exploring Remedy, I want to do some customization on Remedy Helix ITSM, like calling some APIs in the background and showing the output of that API to the ticket console of Helix ITSM. Please sugge...
    Barun Kumar Singh
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