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BMC Helix

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The BMC Helix Product Suite comes packaged with many powerful tools, one of which is BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. Smart Reporting is an easy-to-use report writer for non-technical users, delivering drag-and-drop simplicity for formatting and data selection.




When using Smart Reporting in a SaaS environment it is important to remember the following points –


  • Always ensure that reporting activities during core business hours are minimized to only business critical reports. Excessive reporting running against a live database has the potential to negatively impact upon your production environments’ performance.


  • Ensure that full control is retained over reporting – i.e. all ITSM users should not have access to Smart Reporting to schedule/run reports as and when they want to. This can lead to obsolete reports remaining in place and consuming unnecessary system resources. It’s can also result in non-essential reporting being schedule during core business hours.


  • Ensure that reports are well constructed/efficient. Inefficient reports will consume excessive resources. Performance tune/optimize any long running/inefficient reports.


  • Regularly review existing reports to ensure that they are still required, and at the existing frequency/schedule.


  • Ensure that auto-fresh is setup on dashboards only and not reports. Auto refresh on reports has no advantage when viewing reports but can impact on system performance.


  • Always apply filters while running reports, reports without filters can lead to long running sessions on the Database, which ultimately can impact system performance.


The points outlined above will help to ensure that you realize and harness the full potential of Smart Reporting, without adversely impacting system performance.

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With BMC’s Digital Workplace and SmartIT becoming an integral part of many customers Helix Remedy Solution, it’s more important than ever that customers understand these product’s capabilities and the benefits that they can deliver to your business!


Below is a brief overview of each product.


Digital Workplace.


Digital Workplace (DWP) is a self-service application for business users to connect with IT, HR, etc.  anywhere, anytime, on any device. Digital Workplace gives employees access to a consumer oriented experience, with one stop shopping for the technology tools they need to work effortlessly.


Digital Workplace is highly configurable. Features available to users in the client applications depend on which functionality is enabled and how Digital Workplace is configured.

Employees can use any supported mobile device or desktop browser for self-service, to enter trouble tickets, and to contact IT.


DWP with example configuration -



With Digital Workplace Advanced, employees can monitor the status of services and schedule appointments to meet with IT. When traveling, users can instantly find important information about their corporate campuses—from directions from the airport to floor maps of company office layouts that provide an easy way to find conference rooms, printers, and other assets in unfamiliar locations—anytime and anywhere. Employees can make requests specific to their personal assets and services. For example, they might request accessories for their laptop. With Digital Workplace Catalogue, service catalogue administrators can design services that are fulfilled by external systems. Services previously made available to employees in separate catalogues can be unified in a single service catalogue.


The Digital Workplace client applications can assist users throughout their day. The client applications show meeting schedules, required services, outstanding requests, and ongoing discussions about the people, places, and resources that the users choose to follow. The social media-like interface helps users to find location maps, reserve meeting rooms, install software, upgrade equipment, and book appointments. Employees can now have an easy way to interact with the corporate IT department from their mobile devices or a browser.


To find out more please follow this link –


Smart IT


Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) is the next-generation BMC Remedy IT Service Management user experience. Basic BMC Remedy ITSM processes—creating tickets, viewing related items such as tickets, assets, or knowledge articles, and updating profile information—are now easier and quicker. The Smart IT user interface reduces the steps involved in performing these tasks. It provides an intuitive, social, and mobile service desk experience that enables a more knowledgeable and collaborative workforce organized around IT roles, not modules.




Smart IT enables you to:

  • Experience an elegant, friction-free UI designed for specific BMC Remedy ITSM roles.
  • Access all relevant information in a single window, for a 360-degree view of your customer, service history, and related incidents.
  • Experience anytime, anywhere access to complete ITSM functionality from the field (mobile-first design).
  • Share knowledge and collaborate in real time.


Why Smart IT?


Using Smart IT provides several benefits:

  • Faster and more efficient ticket logging.
  • View of related knowledge articles from within a ticket, for faster ticket resolution and easier information search.
  • Collaboration tools to share knowledge within a team.
  • Single-level categorization selection.
  • Customization options for adding field to your views.
  • Single-level editing of a ticket.


Smart IT and Digital Workplace are tightly integrated and together deliver an exceptional user experience to both sides of the service desk.

Digital Workplace is aimed at business users, whereas Smart IT is primarily for support staff.


To find out more please follow this link –


As always, your Business Relationship Manager stands ready to help should you need any assistance!

Matt Fitzgerald

BMC Helix

Posted by Matt Fitzgerald Employee Aug 14, 2018
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On 05th June 2018, BMC launched BMC Helix Cognitive Service Management, which delivers everything-as-a-service with intelligent, omni-channel experiences in the cloud.


BMC Helix is BMC’s new brand end-to-end, multi-cloud SaaS offering that reinvents traditional ITSM by integrating cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, by helping companies address the challenge of ITSM in a multi-cloud environment, and by giving customers a new choice to decide in which Cloud the ITSM service is offered.


With BMC Helix, customers can transform every layer of service delivery for end users, agents, and developers, evolving their ITSM service management from reactive to proactive and predictive with the highest level of accuracy and speed.


BMC Helix is BMC’s common brand for the suite of SaaS offerings centred around Remedy, Business Workflows, Digital Workplace, Discovery, Client Management and Innovation Suite.


These core solutions can be expanded by optional add-ons, such as:


  • BMC Helix Chatbot, integrated with BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Helix Digital Workplace, driving an omni-channel experience for end users with support not just for Web, but also for Slackbot, Chatbot, SMS, and Skype.



  • BMC Helix Cognitive Automation, integrated with BMC Helix Remedy, BMC Helix Innovation Suite, and BMC Helix Business Workflows, allowing solutions to use a Machine Learning service to automatically classify unstructured data within the solutions, helping companies e.g. with auto-categorization of tickets or auto-selection of case templates when creating cases from incoming email.


With the delivery as SaaS model, BMC helps enterprises to effectively run their ITSM solution by reducing time and effort of upgrades, driving operational efficiencies, and scaling elastically.


At the core of BMC Helix are three key attributes, which reflect BMC’s focus and uniqueness:


  • Cloud to Multi-Cloud: BMC Helix delivers all capabilities as-a-service, helping customers to easily consume and stay current with their ITSM capabilities. On top of that, BMC enables efficient ITSM processes in a multi-cloud, multi-provider IT landscape.


  • Containers: BMC Helix is a SaaS offering provided in customers’ choice of cloud, including AWS and BMC Cloud. Containers enable BMC to deliver this choice of cloud.


  • Cognitive: BMC Helix helps enterprises transform from ITSM to Cognitive Service Management with artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, and virtual agents


More info about BMC Helix is available at

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys and You! How to make your voice heard!!


BMC is a market leader in the Digital Service Management (DSM) space and our Remedy as a Service (RaaS) offering leads the way in the IT Service Management (ITSM) arena. To succeed in the Software as a Service (SaaS) market place, customer experience and satisfaction needs to be at the centre of everything that a company does. BMC drives this customer experience and satisfaction by actively engaging with customers and responding to the feedback received via Customer Surveys. To this end, we at BMC, survey our customers to get feedback on both user experiences of products and services, and ease of interaction with BMC.


These surveys take the form of –


  • Transactional Support CSAT Surveys.
  • Ease of Doing Business Surveys.


Below is an overview of how these surveys work and the differences between them –


Transactional Support CSAT Survey


Transactional Support CSAT Surveys are sent to customers whose requests have been closed. BMC utilises the expertise of a third-party vendor (Walker Information) to manage this process. Walker Information emails out survey invitations to customers shortly after requests are closed. This email includes some background on the request, plus a link to the survey. Customers will not receive a survey invitation if they have received a previous invitation within the preceding 7 days. Survey questions relate to customer satisfaction with how BMC Support handled their request, self-help-resources, as well as the customer’s opinion of the overall quality of the product associated with the request.


The survey itself uses a 10-point rating scale and is offered in 12 languages.


The feedback received in this survey is used to drive improvements in support, self-help resources and product satisfaction. A feedback loop has also been established to ensure that we follow up with a customer if we receive negative feedback or if the customer has requested direct follow-up from a manager.





Ease of Doing Business Survey


The Ease of Doing Business survey allows customers to tailor their feedback depending on where they find themselves in their journey with BMC. Customers can target their responses around the following experiences with BMC –


  • Purchasing
  • Onboarding
  • Implementing
  • Using/Adopting
  • Self-help Resources
  • Support
  • Upgrading
  • Renewing.


This allows customers to focus their feedback on a specific area that’s relevant to them, at that particular point in time.





Ease of Doing Business surveys are conducted during the first month of each quarter. The survey is available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese) and typically takes about 5 minutes to complete. An individual customer contact will only be invited to participate in the survey once per year.





We at BMC encourage our customers to give entirely honest appraisals based on their experiences. Constructive criticism is always welcomed as it helps us to improve our processes and technology. This process is also manged through BMC’s research partner Walker Information.


What does BMC do with these survey results?


Once a customer has completed the survey the results are fed back to BMC for review. BMC uses this customer interaction to ensure that the required learnings are taken from the feedback in order to improve our processes, products and technology, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and success.


We at BMC, remain responsive to customer needs and continually improve our processes and products. These surveys present customers with an invaluable opportunity to give us feedback and are essential in ensuring the continued successful partnership between BMC, and you, our customers. The “comments” section of these surveys allow you, to give specific feedback and as such we both encourage and welcome all responses.


So, next time you receive a survey invitation please take a few minutes to complete it because your feedback is what enables us at BMC to deliver the technology solutions used by you to deliver success to your business on a daily basis.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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A major advantage of being a BMC Remedy OnDemand customer is that you get access to the latest releases for Remedy. Typically, there are two Remedy OnDemand releases per year – one major, one minor. Upgrades to your OnDemand environments are performed by BMC’s SaaS Operations Team, and are at no additional cost to the customer. BMC recommends staying within one release of the current generally available version at all times.



Customers can request an upgrade, either by submitting a request via - “Request an ITSM Upgrade” or directly with their Business Relationship Manager (BRM).


Upgrades to Digital Workplace and Smart IT solutions are proactively managed by BMC SaaS Operations per a set release schedule.


Additional details can be found at BMC OnDemand Upgrade Policy & Preparing for OnDemand Upgrade


As always, your BRM stands ready to assist you should you require help – so please feel free to reach out to him/her!

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As part of your Remedy OnDemand subscription service, some optional application components are available, but not provisioned by default. These components can be installed/enabled at any time by simply using the “Request Something Else” option from the support portal.


An example of some components are outlined below -


BMC install and enable the most commonly used application components by default, with the remaining components available upon request.


Additional details on this topic are available via - Optional Application Component Activation


Your BRM can also assist you should you require help – so please feel free to reach out to him/her!

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