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Watch our video of the new functionalities in BMC Helix Chatbot 19.08 Below:

Announcing BMC Helix Chatbot 19.08!

BMC Helix Chatbot 19.08 is now available and we've added new functionality that improves both the end-user experience and the organization’s ability to measure and improve the capabilities of the chatbot. Here's what is new in the release:


Digital Workplace Advanced ‘My Stuff’ now in BMC Helix Chatbot

From a chat conversation in BMC Helix Chatbot, end users can now access their assets or MyStuff information in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced and take action that is appropriate for those assets.

Cognitive Routing to Live Agent

Based on the conversation, BMC Helix Chatbot will route chats to the right subject matter expert agents who can quickly and effectively resolve the user queries. Cognitive routing helps improve overall chat experience for user and speeds time to resolution.

Cognitive Summarization

When an end user is transferred from BMC Helix Chatbot to a live agent, a summary of the chatbot and end user conversation is provided to the agent. The agent has relevant knowledge to quickly understand the end user’s issue for faster problem resolution and happier end-users.

Chatbot Clarifications

BMC Helix Chatbot automatically asks the end-user clarifying questions and uses this information to provide more accurate responses. If the chatbot is not sure of the end-users meaning, it will automatically ask additional questions to clarify the end-users needs. The chatbot has the intelligence to understand it may need more information to answer the question and to ask the appropriate questions

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BMC Helix Chabot is getting hotter with the new 19.05 release.  Here's a summary of 19.05.


BMC Helix Chatbot 19.05 focuses on both the end user experience and the organization’s ability to measure and improve the capabilities of the Chatbot.


Support for New Channels

Users can now access BMC Helix Chatbot through two additional messaging platforms: MS Teams and Skype for Business On-Premises.


  • Interact with the BMC Helix Chatbot through MS Teams or Skype for Business On-Premises.
  • Find the Helix Chatbot in your contacts list and message with the user the same way as any other contact in the organization.
  • Find resolution to your issue or transfer to a live agent.

New End User Web User Interface

New contemporary chat and messaging experience for end users across all devices.

  • Progressive Web App works across all form factors-laptop, iPhone, tablet to provide a contemporary experience.
  • Helix comes to life via animation and is ready to help the end user. At the start of chat, The Helix image pops up and asks how it can help.
  • New interactive buttons and ‘show more’ feature for long button lists.
  • New Knowledge view
  • Easily view all Helix recommended articles via carousel without going back and forth from the chat window.
  • View attachments from knowledge articles.
  • Results are returned with relevant passages.

End User Surveys and Feedback

BMC Helix Chatbot now has out of the box Surveys that are presented to the users at the right times in a conversation.  IT can use this feedback to help improve the end-user experience with BMC Helix.

  • Easy to use survey presented to the user after a service request is made, or at any time that the user requests to give feedback
  • Survey is only presented to the user once in the conversation, unless the user specifically asks to provide feedback again.
  • Results of the survey are tracked in the Telemetry microservice service.


Smart Reporting for Helix Chatbot

Using Smart Reporting, IT can report against data in the Telemetry service using out-of-the box or custom reports.

  • Out of the box reports include:
    • Service Requests created by Helix Chatbot
    • Transfers to Live Agent
    • Entitlements Check by Helix Chatbot
  • Build your own reports on any data in the Telemetry Microservice
  • Use reporting to measure and monitor the experience and effectiveness of the Chatbot in your organization.

Cognitive Insights for BMC Helix Chatbot

BMC Helix Chatbots can now provide knowledge to users through Cognitive Insights, leveraging the enterprise Insight Engine.

Chatbots can consume this information to provide more useful results.

  • Provide insights from structured and unstructured knowledge sources
  • Provide insights from federated and unfederated knowledge
  • Natural language search
  • Continuous relevancy training. Using Machine Learning, Chatbot returns Knowledge articles. The Cognitive Search microservice learns from users and their feedback to improve Chatbot accuracy. 

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