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cloud-success.pngThe cloud is nothing new anymore – in fact, companies are putting much of their corporate identity in the cloud now, and are changing the
way the world does business.  Analyst firms predict that we’re going to see between 50-75% of all mission critical application stacks in a cloud-based delivery model in the next 5-7 years.


So it should come as no surprise that if this is the case, and if the concept of cloud-based computing is something that intrigues you, then it might not surprise you that more and more companies are trusting their ever-so-important IT service management application stacks to cloud-based delivery models as well.  Over the past several quarters we’ve sought the counsel of industry analysts, SaaS consultants and subject matter experts to help us research this phenomenon and help articulate it in the written and spoken word so that our customers and interested parties can hear about it from those other than us.  So, in case you missed some of these fun-filled events, here are some highlights that help make a case for BMC Remedy OnDemand for your cloudy entertainment:


Take our relationship with Jeff Kaplan at THINKstrategies.  Jeff started to look at this software-as-a-service thing more than a decade ago and realized the strategic importance of it when the industry was taking baby steps and dipping their toes in SaaS-ish waters that weren’t even close to being enterprise-ready.  Now he’s a sought-after cloud and SaaS expert and spends a lot of his time helping people find ways to enjoy SaaS in their worlds and a little of his time saying “I told you so” (my words, not his), and we corralled him to write a few papers on why enterprise ITSM is so right for the cloud these days, and about how recent research dispels some of the security, reliability, and manageability myths of cloud-based mission-critical applications.  In his commissioned white paper, “Making the Move to a Cloud-Based IT Service Management (ITSM) Platform,” you’ll learn why more and more businesses are moving to cloud-based ITSM and why on demand platforms can many times be safer than on premise systems.  And in another paper he wrote for BMC, “Select the Right Cloud-Based ITSM Solution" he gives you step-by-step guidance to assess your requirements for a SaaS ITSM solution - both now and in the long term.  Lastly, Jeff joins me in a February 12, 2014 recorded webinar that presents lots of his findings and research about how the cloud is SUCH a leading trend in the evolution of ITSM entitled “Discover a Better ITSM Experience – For End Users and IT Users Alike”.  We welcome you to review any and all of these artifacts at your leisure.


We can’t forget our friends at Forrester Research, who also believe that the ITSM in the cloud is a critical way to industrialize the IT backoffice and automate and standardize your operations into a better place.  Amy DeMartine is a senior analyst at Forrester and is a buddy and colleague in the ITSM and IT infrastructure and operations space and joined me for a VERY well attended recorded webinar earlier this month (March 13) provocatively titled, “Rethink Your IT Service Management Strategy or Get Left Behind”.  Along with sharing a lot about “the age of the customer”, Amy talks a lot about ITSM in the cloud and shares many statistics from recent Forrester research documents that are eye-opening to hear.  We also do a live poll about preferred delivery models for ITSM to our large audience and you get real-time data on what models are preferred.


And we can't leave out dear customers that want to tell the world about their personal experiences regarding Remedy OnDemand, can we?  Dr. Pati Benson does a fantastic job in this recorded webinar of telling the “Northroprumman RoD Story” about how this major defense contractor decided on trusting their service desk and the support of multiple customers to Remedy OnDemand, and if you are all “webinar’d out”, we invite you to read this Leeds City Council Success Case Study about how they are using Remedy OnDemand to manage service delivery for citizens, tourists, and workers in the UK’s third largest city.


The story keeps continuing, the customers are the barometer, and the product success is the proof.  As long as we have that story to tell, check back here from time to time and see what chapters are unfolding.  We like to think of Remedy OnDemand as the novel you can’t stop reading!

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Believe me, I get it.


Time is valuable.  I recently had a senior vice president share some wisdom with me that the biggest choice you can make in your day, your week – your LIFE (among all the choices you face), is how you spend your time.


And that’s why we in the hallowed hallways of the BMC Remedy product teams are excited about the Take 30 webinar series.  This is a way for customers, partners, prospects, users, consultants, and even BMC staffers can get short, salient bursts of relevant information about our Remedy OnDemand SaaS offering that take no more than 30 minutes from the time you dial in, to the time we say “see ya”, so you can be assured your time is leveraged and not squandered.


Consider these benefits of our Take 30 format:


  • There’s literally no way presenters can lose track of time and wax poetic – they’re on the clock!


  • The information much be succinct and relevant because nobody wants to be “that fragmented presenter”


  • They have every other week or so - not too often, not to far apart


  • Even if you completely HATE the content, you only lose 30 minutes.  It can take 30 minutes to pick up a prescription at the drug store


  • The webinars are brought to bear in a series that build on each other but don’t DEPEND on each other, and are always recorded and available for review


  • Did I mention they’re only THIRTY MINUTES?


Remedy OnDemand is going strong with 125 customers and growing.  We just added new primary and secondary data centers in Canada and our SaaS 2.0 platform is impressing analysts and media alike with its enterprise-grade capabilities.   Past Take 30 sessions have discussed some of the best practices to consider when moving from an on premise to a cloud ITSM implementation and what the benefits are of our Remedy OnDemand LIVE! implementation program.


Future sessions will discuss how to start an ITSM move from on prem to the cloud by possibly putting just your self-service portal in the cloud, and how our SaaS delivery platform supports the licensing and data model flexibility to enable porting your ITSM from on demand back to on premise, and back again as business demands dictate.


So where are you for all of this excitement?  Hopefully you’ll join us.  We’re having a good time with this Take 30 series and you’re invited.  Join us by clicking HERE.


After all, it only takes 30 minutes, right?

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